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I open a Pokemon Umbreon tin

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  1. I got my Umbreon tin at Walmart for $15

  2. Why cards are arranged ups and downs? As far as i know original cards were arranged properly not this way.

  3. Pokémon have tricked me too many times into buying this tin hoping for evolving skies 😂

  4. That tin should have 2 evolving skies packs inside. Repackaged maybe?

  5. I hate the reskinned packs they shouldn’t have done that

  6. You can’t get scarlet and violet packs with a v card only with ex cards so it’s fake

  7. I openit this box on my YouTube Channel RedriXx

  8. Was it just me or was cards in that pack upside down I don’t think Pokémon does that.😂

  9. Only reason i sub, the way this man carefully opens hes booster packs.

  10. Just a tip, but maybe you could only show the packs with hits, ik YouTube only allows you to post videos up to a minute in length. It allows you to continue your way of filming whilst stopping the comments about the other packs. Film your videos How you wish but just in-case, here’s an idea.

  11. That umbreon promo is so pretty tbh, very nice for a regular v

  12. Nice iron threads why were the cards upside down

  13. Just bought 3 of these tins all with evolving skies in them for 14.99 lol

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