I Played a NATIONALS WINNING Deck in a Pokemon Card Tournament and this happened... - c4gamingstudio.com

I Played a NATIONALS WINNING Deck in a Pokemon Card Tournament and this happened…

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Today I used the Mew VMAX deck that got FIRST PLACE at Japan’s National Pokemon Card Tournament! This Mew VMAX deck is still amazing in the Paldea Evolved format!
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  1. Love the vlogs! We are not tournament players, but love to watch the process.

  2. your background looks like something out of hoarders 😂

  3. Wow, great video. Quick question what are those tokens you are using for marking used abilities around 12:11?

  4. I looove this vlog! Actually gonna join my very FIRST local tournament next sunday!

  5. Mew vmax is a deck that has potential for something I would play but I am leaning more towards a miraidon ex deck tbh I just like the style of gameplay more.

  6. Mew, the most basic deck that you can play and can carry you to the top.
    Hey sneaker, did you know that ptcglive is in chaos? They ban cards that have broken stats like spiritomb, tinglu ex and some cards

  7. Always love the tournament vlogs! I'm gonna be honest, this video made me consider playing a Mew Vmax deck just because

  8. ayyy you gotta love the tournament vids, they are really cool to watch. but i would rather take the chien pao route 💪

  9. Great video man, I was up in Scarborough this weekend and was debating popping into Manta since I was like 7 minutes away but my whole weekend was jam packed with playing Dungeons and Dragons until 2am so I couldn't slip away. I will definitely be hitting it up eventually though lol. I always love seeing a Mew deck pop off so it is nice you had a 3-2 record. Keep up the phenomenal work man.

  10. Love the Tournament vlogs. Im just curious how do you keep your cards so flat. Even when I sleeve cards some do seem to start to bend quite easily.

  11. impressive tourtment. though i am totally no good in the game

  12. Well, one game you cant do anything and the second game you played against the goat.
    3:2 is a fine record though. Nice to see you making more vids now🎉

  13. How do you get to play in the NAIC? Did you get an entry? I’m local and can’t even play. 😢

  14. What on gods green earth are you guys even talking about. Why does this sound so complicated…

  15. You were supposed to defeat the syth and not to join them😭😭😭 I hate mew wmax really a lot, even if sometimes this deck struggle, it luck just wins them all the games. On the last league cup i saw dude flip 8 out of 8 cram-o-matik in two rounds of one game

  16. The tournament Vlog is fun! If they allow it try to get the actual gameplay in?

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