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I Tried Buying Pokémon Cards in Japan but Then This Happened!😱 #shorts

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  1. Weird that you go to Japan to buy cards and you have to fist fight somebody to get a pack but you can go to just about any store in America and buy the whole damn store if you want.

  2. Top prize in London arcades is like a pencil sharpener

  3. May I know the location of this pokemon center please?

  4. Is there any pokemon centres in Hayes in England

  5. The one in the middle is the one I have but my is not Japanese

  6. I have been in pokemon centers in tokyo last week and they sell this boxes at the counter I have five boxes of each kind

  7. I have that clauncher card just not Japanese

  8. "Weedle in a haystack" is lowkey amazing

  9. I’m in Japan Rn and I Need To Know Where this Place is

  10. I have that entei but not hollow and it is english i got the entei in my first pokemon card opening

  11. To bad America is greedy and stingy or else we could have stuff like this happen

  12. Y knt we have nice things like this in the states 🙁

  13. where is that claw machine place , is it near the pokemon center?

  14. Love these family activities and how involved they all are. Warms my heart!

  15. They have to do this because a lot of people are reselling the Japanese cards to Americans so it's really hurting the local spread. Japanese packs are meant for sale in Japan only but people aren't respecting that and making it impossible for Japanese children to buy them.

  16. What Pokémon you got don't go home amarica

  17. I’m spending a month or two in Japan lokey

  18. I have garatina vstar. light blue is fake .dark blue is real. gold silver and black is real

  19. I’m glad you guys got the first prize and other stuffs 😆 hope you all enjoyed spending time here in Japan 👍

  20. 𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝙿𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗 😢


  22. I love that braixen card and i love serena

  23. You always make the best pokémon card videos 😊

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