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I Tried The SCARIEST Card Game

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Rarran tries to beat the first part of inscryption, which is a spooky card game.

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  1. Kinda sad/disappointed you didn't follow up on it. I was looking forward to the continuation of this but it never came : (

  2. I got this game when it came out because I thought it looked kinda neat on steam. One Ten hour session later, I'd beaten the entire thing (didn't find every secret of course) and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is amazing and the gameplay is super enjoyable. 10/10 game for me.

  3. This is a fantastic game, probably the best one I played in 2022. So much thought went into it and that ARG surrounding it is insane.

  4. There's a really cool roguelike mod for this called Kaycee's Mod. Wouldn't recommend until you've finished some more of the storyline but it's still worth a mention 🙂

  5. gonna be waiting for the next video on inscryption, gj gamer

  6. yugioh is clearly scarier, have you seen the amount of text on some of those cards?

  7. Please Rarran, continue playing this game, this is one of the best indie games ever made, and i guess no one that has ever played will say other wise

  8. Happy to see another person play this game. Really enjoyed playing it myself.

  9. Perfect timing! I've been playing this game for the first time recently

  10. I hope you play more it was fun to watch

  11. Would watch Rarran beat the main campaign and play through some of the challenge mode.

  12. I'm just glad Daniel Mullins' games are getting more recognition. Both Pony Island and The Hex are amazing. I think Inscryption is where it's at its best with how the narrative flows. Hope to see more of this!

  13. Hand of Fate 2 is also a fire take on a card game 🔥

  14. When i first played i thought that ouroboros is the most useless card since you already have some "non rare" cards, only by watching othere people play i realised its geting +1+1 each time it's killed.

  15. About the idea/story of this game: (I think so anyway)
    in the beginning, you are playing a game called inscryption and someone else actually have played this game for you. So you can only click the continue button.
    Also, what you are playing is actually just a footage of a youtuber named "The lucky carder".

    when playing this game, you realized that this game is the only digital copy of inscryption in the entire world. Also, The main character "The lucky carder" feels this game is a bit weird as this game is about different ways to turning stuff, animals into cards, you have to sacrifice yourselves/yr body parts in order to win the game and this game can modify yr computer's file system.

    After "the lucky carder" told the company who made this game about the only digital version of the game, he got murdered by the employees from the company.

    At almost the end of the game, you realize that this is not just a game, this game is inscrypted with something called the "old data" and the reason this game got created is because the creator want to tell other ppl about the old data that is secretly saved and encrypted inside this game. But he cannot publicly tell everyone about the old data as that will got him killed.

    players can use different hints to decrypt the "old data" and apparently the creator of this game even made a hint of this game in his final year project in University. WOW

    And then I think it was about something like turning animals/human into cards is actually exist in real life(not like actually rl but rl in the game). CIA wants to secretly study the ways to turn humans/animals into cards and the creator of the digital inscryption wants to disclose it by inscrypting the "old data"(which I think was about some dialog of some secret stuff) into a card game. So that he won't get killed and hopefully someone will find this game and discover the secret that the creator wants to share.

  16. Very highly recommend finishing this game (and then playing Kaycee's Mod)

  17. Those little MockTuber vids bring back memories. The ARG for this game was wild.

  18. I fucking love this game, I've replayed through it several times now. It's a genuinely good card game with some cool horror elements, absolutely wonderful game.

  19. You're missing like 66% of the game if you don't continue.

  20. Here is to hoping Rarran will finish this game and make videos on it

  21. This is great, I really want to see more of you branching out into other games! I love your Hearthstone content but I'm also always supportive of creators trying to break out into other audiences

  22. You beat Leshy so quickly!

    I remember still, 5:00 in dark room, holding my scream of victory, when I finally beat him

    For him to just start it all anew

  23. Really hope Rarran will finish this gem. One of the best times I had on this channel since the documentaries.

  24. Pro Tip: Use the immortality sigil on the skink.

    Explanation: Whenever the skink gets attacked he summons a tail with no cost to block the attack which also receives the immortality sigil.
    So you end up with infinite blockers and Sacrifices which can even beat a full Board of grizzlys (just make sure you kill them before running out of cards)

  25. Would love to see the rest! One of my favorite games of the last few years.

  26. Man I love this game, so glad he's played it

  27. This is a great game, very recommended to anyone that likes card games

  28. Loved the video, would be awesome to see you play more in the future!

  29. My grandfather's deck has no weak Rarrans xD

  30. This is the bestest game ever it was so good that I stayed for the credits.
    And also imagine if this game was multiplayer.
    (Also I don't understand the deep lore)

  31. порвало с коммента "офигеть, тут русские есть"

  32. I love how rerran skips the story than complains about not understanding it xdd

  33. What Rarran played for most of this episode was actually Isn'tcryption

  34. Hey wondering if you’re gonna maybe finish this game your choice ofc

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