ILLEGAL Gold Pokémon Cards Found 👀 -

ILLEGAL Gold Pokémon Cards Found 👀

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I found a fake pokemon card shop that sold these illegal fake ex pokemon card cards!
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  1. I have a Pikachu with 1500000 hp

  2. Bhai yah Pokemon card ke dukaan kahan per hai koi batana

  3. I gotone with 3380 hp but i dont know if ita real

  4. Can I please have all of the place called pokémon please

  5. This is the one i have but the hp is from 600 to 800😂

  6. 😂 lol my friend give me the real one😂😂

  7. Bro we have 1 golden Pokémon card his hp is 999999

  8. They have these in Spain I went on holiday there and bought a pack and they’re fake

  9. Did you know I have a 5 million gold Pokémon card I an NOT JOKING

  10. In India the boxcost about 6$ and it has 50 cards I got 2 boxes and from both boxes I got 4 ash Ketchum vmax it have hp of 5000000

  11. I good some today and they are silver and they are 50888

  12. I’ve had a shining colored it’s not like that

  13. There fake I have the same exact thing

  14. Bro when I started Pokemon I had a lot of gold card but I rellizd there fake🫡

  15. I have a golden card that is a Aerodactyl V star with HP if 52870

  16. Bro there not fake stooped I have them and my HP on them or 100 and 500 and other stuff normal HP you my dose not have that much HP bro mine has normal hp

  17. They make it high ho so ppl can't use them too battle. Bc ofc they're fake

  18. I have it but normal and real hp
    But same design card

  19. Can you give me a evolving skies booster packs please🙏

  20. I was in my hometown recently, and at one of the collectors' shops there, they had a bunch of really cool custom-made silver and gold cards. I bought myself a golden Flareon V full art, and it looks amazing, regardless if it's fake. It was really well-made.

  21. Same. I bought a pokemon pack at my local mall and noticed the cards were light, small and the texture is diff

  22. Bro i got pokemon mega Charizard y more hp than that😄

  23. Their fake but made by the real Pokémon

  24. They are literally on every Chinese drop shipping website
    Temu aswell

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