Indian Card Game | Challenge | Bluff | Liar | I doubt it -

Indian Card Game | Challenge | Bluff | Liar | I doubt it

Indian Card Games
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Fake it till you make it


  1. Ager main ne khelega and teeno players ne pass kardia and phir se main khel dia phir teeno ne pass kardya phir main ne khel dya — yahni kab tk esa chala sakte hain ? Meaning ek hi player khelta rahe ?

  2. Is it compulsory to bluff or u can say pass?

  3. Btw you are not telling the truth bro you can't throw one card you have to throw at least two cards

  4. Nice game 👍 but do alag cards daal diye aur ek sahi nikla ek card jhoota toh fir kya player ko uthana padega jisne challange Kiya ho ????

  5. Jo bluff pakray ga sirf wohi dekhy ga cards ya sab ko show karany hn gy cards?

  6. didi kya app chogad aur dugad ki video bana sakteh ho kya plz plz i think people will like it

  7. Nice tutorial, kya aap dehla pakad kese khelte hai uska video bna skte ho..

  8. I can't understand perfectly how to play

  9. One question: we 6 are playing, and I start the game. 4rth player lays his cards and everybody says pass. Then whose turn will come? The 4rth player or me?

  10. Agr 1st person ko 3rd wale ne challenge kr dia toh aur wo sach hua toh phir turn kiski ayegi 2nd ki ya 3rd ki???

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  12. I m seeing this video not for learning its that lovely voice………❤️❤️ Yahan m pighal gya❤️❤️

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