Inferni: Real time card game Battle Royale crazy 8 players Mash Up! #ad -

Inferni: Real time card game Battle Royale crazy 8 players Mash Up! #ad

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Sling cards in the magical mosh pit of Inferni. Realtime 8-player battling unleashes a chaotic card game never before seen. Download the demo and play now: #ad

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  1. "Real time card game battle royale" is a collection of words I have never expected to see together.

  2. Been a while since I last got to watch your videos. I dropped snap since I was preparing for Uni but now I managed to get into the one I wanted. I love your content and manner you approach everything in general. Seems like a fun new game and innovative spin on the card game genre.

  3. I was waiting for this since you mentioned it on stream the other day

  4. The closest thing to this Ive played was Phantom Dust. These kind of games are so rare.

  5. doing my part to help the video perform well🫡🫡 good vid Jeff!

  6. Cool. I miss Mogwai playing snap, he was a good and creative deck builder.

  7. Sacrifices must be made to the algorithm. RIP the 20 seconds it took me to like and comment on this video, you were loved

  8. Definitely looks like a game I want to play. And usually easier ti watch a game once you've played. But for content creation could they make the orvs more distinct? Like damage spells lioking like a fireball, healing having a plus sign, shielding having a shield icon, etc

  9. This feels like TFT and Snap had a baby. Fast almost automated games.

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