Inkscape Lesson 23 - Create Custom Card Games, Dice, etc... -

Inkscape Lesson 23 – Create Custom Card Games, Dice, etc…

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  1. Thank you for this informative course and the way you teach its very helpful

  2. templates
    Deleted examples
    last year 🙁

  3. Hi! I dont know if you still check comments but if you do some help would be greatly appreciated. When i click "Apply" just like you did at 3:25, an error message appears. However if i change the "cards.csv" file instead of an error message popping up literally nothing happens. What am i doing wrong??? 🙁

  4. Thank you sir. TIL how to make board games with Inkscape!

  5. Amazing Tutorials! I've tried to run the latest version of the Countersheetextension for Inkscape and looks like it should be an error somewhere in the .cvs because after aplying it apears this error in the menu: KeyError: 'icärd'. Sadly I have no Idea how to contact them to explain the situation. They updated the software some days ago. Due to this update some of the locations you tell in the video are no longer actualized.Thanks!

  6. Hi TJ this is the error I am getting when trying to create the countersheet
    File "", line 2208

    print_errline: sys.stderr
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  7. Hello TJ, I check all of your 23 basic Inscape tutorial. I like the way you explained it. Simple and clear. You rock mate !! : )

  8. TJ what software do you use to make your opening animated clip? Love your vids by the way. Thanks for what you do.

  9. Before reeding my comment
    Check this trick in this video
    Darek banas make zooming in videos like inkscape tutorials

    So please make zooming like Darek Banas channel you will help my eyes Thank you.

    Please make a video tutorial about
    Editing videos in blender 2.8
    Like make a table to explain a differents betwen two pictures or objects and how i can make a board to explain any things for watchers .and adding sone text on videos sbd adding professional transstion in video
    Make motion design

  10. you deserve more subs, awesome inscape Lessons!

  11. What a mess.
    Far easier to just draw a box and type text to make your own cards.
    Especially after watching all your previous tutorials.

  12. This was interesting because it is about an application of using Inkscape. I would be interested in you explaining how to use the other extensions too. I have learned a lot from your tutorials.

  13. Hello sir can you make tutorials about Gimp if you do it i really appreciates

  14. You kinda lost me on this one, but don't worry – I am absolutely chuffed now I can use 'trace bitmap' on my logo! Now trying to get the hang of tweaking nodes and beziers. I looked up bezier curve on wikipedia… broke my brain!

  15. I don't think this extension works the way it does in your video anymore. My create countersheet pop up looks different from the video and directing the data file results in an error "Unable to find rectangle with id 'card' that was specified in the CVS data file."

  16. I am learning inkscape from ground zero and thank you.

  17. I applied the same course of things. But unfortunately mine didnt work. It gives an error message KeyError: u'icxe4rd' . Anybody has any ideas why?

  18. Hello, thank you for posting such a great video. I am trying to create a board game for my family and friend. I was able to create an actual board, however I am stuck on creating counters. I followed the steps you described in the video regarding the extension, however I am getting a error message:

    File "", line 1092

    line.set("style", self.find_registration_line_style())


    TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation

    Would you know what is wrong? Thank you for your help in advance.

  19. Thank you. This library isn't comptatible with inkscape version 1.0 so far

  20. Unfortunately, "You need Inkscape 0.92 or later installed. But NOT 1.0 or later! Inkscape 1.0 is not yet supported. Use an older version of Inkscape to use this extension." ( I couldn't find when it will be supported though. Hopefully they're talking weeks, not months or years. I actually installed the older version 0.92 and still can't import cards.csv file.

  21. thank u for all th lessons n tutorials, i learnt alot from u

  22. thank you again for all your tutorials. In this tutorial, i followed all your steps but after i press 'apply' when i am creating the counter sheet, or even when pressing live preview- no change happens in the inkscape, the screen stays the same (nothing else uploaded)- any idea why? is it the version of inkscape I have – newer than the one you used in the video?

  23. This extension doesn't work in a newer version of Inkscape. Thanks for the video though.

  24. Thank you, these tutorials are great! I also watched your other tutorials.
    As you are an expert in these types of software, do you know any free software to create “whiteboard animations”?
    Or is it possible to do this with one of the software packages that you showed?

  25. Quick tip. At around timestamp 3:30. In Windows Explorer hold down the Shift key, then right-click the csv-file. In the context menu that appears, find and click Copy as path. This copies the file location, including the file name to the clipboard, so you can paste it in directly to Inkscape. (FYI, if you don't hold down Shift when you right-click, the Copy as path option won't appear.).

  26. Your tutorials have been excellent so far. I am having trouble with this extension though. When I attampt to apply it i get this message.

    File "", line 2205

    print(errline, file=sys.stderr)


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  27. I don't have any option you have in the create countersheet box. It also has 5 tabs none of which have a csv section

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