Inscryption - Horror Card Game Where You Wager Your Life & Limbs [ 1 ] -

Inscryption – Horror Card Game Where You Wager Your Life & Limbs [ 1 ]

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Inscryption is a card horror game where sacrifices must be made from the creator of Pony Island. Video contains the entire first section and parts of the second section of the game along with assorted secrets.

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“I play myself in attack mode.”

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  1. THE HEART OF THE CARDS WILL COME in the next video to come. after beating camera man, I thought the game was done, but apparently, there is an entire 3rd person perspective of the game?!?!

  2. I wish there was a "what does a pot of greed do" reference, that would make the game even more intetesting

  3. A voice so smooth that I can't believe it's not butter.

  4. I pronounce the urayuli like your-ray-ew-ly

  5. Imagine betting your life on a magic the gathering game….

  6. I just noticed the "Long Elk" card is supposed to be "Long Horse" from Trevor Henderson

  7. I'm pretty sure the goat appeared cute because he chose the goat eye when he replaced his eye? If thats true its a really cool detail.

  8. I’m so confused on how the game transitioned.

  9. I never laughed so hard at the moon being one-shotted by Manly

  10. I woulda given the ravens fly ability to insta win no matter what

  11. Can we talk about how much of a different concept this game is compared to others, it's like a card-game pokemon card-game mixed with a horror and adventure genre, very interesting

  12. This gameplay is better than my vision
    It’s epic I am still working on watching the whole series

  13. How is no one commenting on how GOOD HIS VOICE WAS MATCHED WITH THE CHARACTER?!?!??!?!?!?

  14. Did the developers run out of money half way through the game?

  15. The voice you do for the narrator/antagonist/game master is so perfectly creepy and I like it so damn much.

  16. The free 7/7 deathcard with multiple sigils is something that you shouldn't be allowed to do, yet it certainly makes things fun

  17. Is this what it feels like to play DnD in your DM's basement apartment under his mom's house

  18. Wait, I S T H A T T H E M I N C R A F T F O N T

  19. Holy shit that first deathcard tho
    Edit: Holy shit those boons tho

  20. Why does this guy sound like those Gaster voice actors lol. He'd be perfect tbh.

  21. ive watched two playthroughs of this game and each time the angler activates that no cheat thing (the great whites). The player hasnt cheated when that happens… theyre just that good. Game devs might want to put some thought into that

  22. min in and already feeling the atmosphere great video

  23. Oh my god i fall in love with his voice(im not gay)

  24. Like yugioh but there is a price for losing nice

  25. 2 hours and 30? Hollup lemme get sum snacks.

  26. I loved your narrating, it really matched the atmosphere

  27. sucks he decided not to use the scale tipper

  28. This game has so many layers, it's amazing

  29. Manly is a god car not exo, exo would be a fly, triple shot and have infinity lives

  30. Your voice for Leshy is perfect
    The modding community has been talking about getting you to voice him, for a mod

  31. bruh that one shot to the moon its the same feeling of killing a RULER in xcom 2 with execution lucky shot.

    fking hell

  32. yooo wait this was made by the pony island guys? daaamn, that game was soo good, i remember thinking that this game gave off similar vibes, love to see that they still make awesome games

  33. Use ringworm to get free fire warming with no death chance

  34. Welcome to the Only The Worthiest Comments Will Get To Be Drawn From My Deck Club, how Only The Worthiest Comments Will Get To Be Drawn From My Deck are ya? Part 2 Finale video

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