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Inscryption Review

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Inscryption reviewed by Tom Marks on PC.

This horror-themed card game might look like a Slay the Spire-style roguelike at first glance, but as with the developer Daniel Mullins Games’ Pony Island, there’s a lot more than to it than meets the eye.

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  1. The first part of this game is fun, after that it's downhill and boring. They should have just made it a rogue light with the first part

  2. Watched Jesse Cox play the whole thing, incredible.

  3. The fact that The Cabin is only Act 1 of this game and the other Acts are nothing like the 1st is amazing, while still using the same mechanics you sre used too.


  4. A lot of people will get burned by this game because of reviews like this. What the reviewer doesn't tell you is that only about 30% of the game is actually what is seen in this review. The rest of the game looks and plays completely differently.

  5. Wish this was on console. Any of the 3 consoles would do

  6. one of the best games I've played this decade

  7. An advice: DO NOT drop the game in the "second part", the game truly changes, but gets back to "normal" after it.

  8. all you showed was 1/3 the game, there 2 other parts to this game yo

  9. Thankyou for writing a spoiler free review 😀

  10. IGN actually making a decent review? Damn, this game really brings out the best in people.

  11. Lmao ofc IGN gives this chore game a 9 just bc of its ARG gimmick

  12. For those who dont like how the game changes after act 1 theres a roguelite mod to make the game reset instead of moving on. They're also working on an endless mode

  13. Spoiler alert. NAZIS NAZIS NAZIS!


  14. Will this game be one day be available on other platforms?

  15. Had a lot of fun playing this game. If you are a roguelike fan who likes plots with twists and turns this is the game for you!

  16. Is this the same dude who gave cyberpunk a 9?…. ridiculous

  17. 0:23 The problem with the lying premise, is that you get into the game because you LIKE the premise you've been lied to ABOUT!

  18. I'm surprise this review doesn't reveal: "Oh hey there's also an ongoing ARG tied to the game"

  19. The developer of Inscryption knew that most people bored of Cards Games, traditional or online

  20. This might very well be my absolute favorite roguelike ever. This is an amazing achievement in gaming. True innovation and creativity.

  21. Ouroboros: The most powerful card in the game.

  22. if u had nothing bad to say about the game why not just give it a 10 lol

  23. This was honestly the best way to do a review of this game

  24. We need console and mobile versions of this ASAP!!!!

  25. ->skips review
    ->says that they gave the game a 9
    ->likes the video
    ->actually rewatches it

  26. Legitimately one of the best puzzle / strategy games I've ever played. Not just because of the really great card mechanics but also the dynamic flow of gameplay with story and puzzle elements is just amazing. Top that with the great, ominous theming and you have an amazing game.

  27. As a note there is a mod in development that males it an infinite rouglike.

  28. fun fact: on the 2nd part there is a "enemy" that u can exploit and make a sertian card over power by sacrifising it

  29. Shitty graphics always makes a game 0/10 for me.

  30. It's pretty underrated. This game also houses an ARG and several meta things such as the main baseline of the game exists on steam. Try it, you won't regret it

  31. Some people didn't fancy the second and third act but for me, as a fan of video game in general, it's really interesting to see how Daniel Mullins were able to integrate different kind of style and incorporate them into the story.

  32. Is it going to get a console port anytime soon? My potato pc can't handle most games

  33. did ya need to jump scare me with loud volume mic in the first seconds?

  34. Top tier game easily, never a bad game in any way even if act 2 is kinda lacking

  35. This review should really warn people that the game completely ditches the entire game for a whole new one about a fourth of the way through…

    The second part is just painful

  36. Best game, Makes you feel like a Lucky carder.
    it's incredible 10/10

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