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Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
Co-Created by Eddie () and Elliot ()
Animated by Benjamin ‘Wonchop’ Smallman ()
Published by Big Potato Games ()
Narrated by Matt Ley ()
Featuring the voice of Sam Lavagnino as Mr Muffin ()
with Chloe Dungate ()
and Daniel J Layton ()

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Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ()
Special Thanks to Nat Aves ()


  1. The Rock Paper Scissors thing should go on asdfmovie15 right

  2. I-
    I was just searching ingredients for a muffin

  3. KyleJBAwesomeness2001 - Official Channel says:

    The last drags of audio from Sam's original 2013 recording session

  4. yknow, I still want the game. the problem is that I don't have any friends to play it with

  5. Finally I got muffin time now I can teach a llama to drive!!!!

  6. Hello tomska i just got this random idea of a new game called meow meow I’m a cow, the concept of the game is basically a murder mystery the cow being the “imposter “ and I might create it at home feel free on stealing this idea and taking all the credit!!!

  7. you have no idea how many times i've clicked on this thinking it was the muffin song

  8. Ahh, the post apocalyptic near future is now and I have yet to find another copy.

  9. OH GOD! How did he new it? how did he new about the end of the world in 2020?

  10. It’s been a whole year since I got my game in the mail! The apocalypse sucks, but at least it’s sucks less with Muffin Time and my Family.

  11. 2:10 ok, can i pay with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap ?

  12. And if your watching this in the post apocalyptic future


  13. Seeing the adoption certificate in your attic, then after 2 years you figure out what adoption is: 0:07

  14. I like how muffins voice sounds like catbugs voice

  15. When you want to play but you have no one to play with ):

  16. if a magic pony would be fun 1:23poor muffin and his pony started crying

  17. "Post apocalyptic near future"
    hol up- wait a minute, now something ain't right

  18. when the muffin said wait what it was the cutest thing

  19. I like how he puts little funny asdfmovie clips in there to make it funny like Tomska is

  20. Did it say what time is it it's muffin time time of death wait what nothing time is it going it's kind of like a sexy helmets but smaller get it but smaller

  21. That poor little muffin is too innocent for this world.

  22. This showed up In my local store today 2 years later I live in Australia

  23. I'm thinking about getting this game! Looks fun!

  24. But also how about asdfmovie12 in a couple weeks?

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