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Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
Co-Created by Eddie () and Elliot ()
Animated by Benjamin ‘Wonchop’ Smallman ()
Published by Big Potato Games ()
Narrated by Matt Ley ()
Featuring the voice of Sam Lavagnino as Mr Muffin ()
with Chloe Dungate ()
and Daniel J Layton ()

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Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ()
Special Thanks to Nat Aves ()


  1. Post apocalyptic future guy here. Wassup. It’s nice. Not the world, but the ad

  2. There is gonna be an Italian version of the game?

  3. Wait, sexy horse? I was riding my friend for months since I heard a horse.

  4. “Post apocalyptic future” it’s 2021.

  5. wait..
    (not in decription but in the video)

  6. He said any Apocalypse in the near future did he know about covered

  7. When The Muffin said "wait what?" It was so cute

  8. Thank you for making me buy your game! I purchased a copy of the game and it looks great! keep on making people laugh and I hope you continue to come up with more bright ideas. My suggestion would be: Can you produce the asdfmovie board game?

  9. I literally played this with my mom for two straight hours.
    I had the I Wanna Die card (it says discard your entire hand (stop playing if I wanted)) and my mom was so tired at this point she said I won even though she would’ve.
    I had the Tired? trap card and she didn’t even activate it.
    So Muffin Time could be a fun card game or torture in a box. Only God knows what a game will bring.

  10. “However, if you’re watching this in the post-apocalyptic near future-“
    that aged well

  11. Muffin sounds like one of the baby we bare bears.

  12. But if you have the do not want and ten cards hehehe you can’t win

  13. To those over 5.2k dislikes are who thought that this is an compilations of The Muffin and they said "This is just a frickin' card game video bleh."

  14. Time of death muffin time, wait what

  15. Muffin guy sounds likes baby grizz from we bare bears

  16. "…in the post apocalyptic near future…"

  17. How did you know the near future was the apocalypse

  18. "man i gotta search up sexy hores game then, wait" -my brain

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