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Jade Leech – This AWFUL Card Used to be GREAT! #mtg

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  1. Even then, it wasn't great. It's just that it fit in the "Rocket Shoes" deck as Blastoderm copies 5-8. The downsides of either 5/5 wasn't bad when the deck was designed to have them attacking on turn 3 consistently.

  2. Cards with disadvantages?!?!? We don't do that anymore😂

  3. I'm curious, does this count as an additional pip on your permanents? If it does, it would make devotion print like the US Treasury

  4. Just bazaar trade it your green opponent with a pin enchantment…

  5. Was thinking that playing colorless artifacts and artifact creatures would have also mitigated the downside, but Im not sure if artifact creatures were at all relevant during this time period

  6. Would this make all your green spells have an additional devotion pip?

  7. It wasn't good it was simple not as bad as today. But a 4 mana 5 5 could never be totally bad and its downside isn't even that bad for the body and manacost, especially since at the time there were creatures that'd break both your legs for that conbo of mana cost and body

    It also a great showcase of why creatures needed to get powered up. This dies to a 2 mana spell and does nothing

  8. The fact that people even have the audacity to ask why a 4 mana 5/5 didn't make a worst-of list shows that power creep is real. This thing was good in top-8 decks.

  9. creatures were so much worse that playing creatureless deck was viable and winnable.

  10. People really ask that? As long as its a the top of your curve the down side is lioited.

  11. Gotta love how half the comments are trying to figure out how to break Jade Leech today.

  12. Old Magic: Juzam Djinn! Wow! A 4-mana 5/5 and the only downside is it deals 1 damage to you each turn? Fantastic!

    New Magic: Sheoldred! Wow! A 4-mana 4/5 with Deathtouch that makes me gain 2 life for each card I draw and my opponents lose 2 life for each card they draw? That’s pretty good!

  13. It probably the best of that cycle, white is worst black one is maybe good in monoblack. Red is mediocre blue one mana less wind drake.
    Green is probably the only goodish stated one particuarly if its at the top of a curve, also green tend to have an abundence of mana in alot of cases.

  14. Not dying to Flametongue Kavu was very important in 01-02.

  15. Having played back then and now seeing a 5 mana 10/10 with no downside that is basically unplayble really shows how much the game has changed.

  16. You should have a top 10 list for “worst cards that still saw competitive play”

  17. Well at least it's cheaper to buy now than it was. 🤷

  18. There COULD be a niche for this guy in a Prossh deck..

  19. Just because the game was broken back then because the developers didn't realize how to make a fair game and they still don't know how to make fair game but it doesn't make this card broken

  20. Now, you can use it as a benefit in Commander especially by donating to opponents, who may find it impossible to play with the additional cost.

  21. Spiritmonger has been shifted to uncommon. Had mythics been around then it would have been mythic.

  22. TLDR: Respect the leech mother fuckers

  23. If you think about it, there are some cards that are better when you cast them for more, and this lets you cast them for more

  24. Turn 3 5/5 sounds pretty good even now. Not to mention the goober Bant "hug, but the stuff i give you might as well be used needles" commanders would love something like this. "Sac target creature. Gain x life and draw x cards where x is the sacrificed creatures attack power" stuff. Idk. Every card in magic has some cool use imo.

  25. Also, this is the best one of the Leech Cycle, probably the white one is the worst one of those

  26. Holy shit this is so good actually for certain mana cost matters strategies

  27. Good for a toolbox deck. Make your opponents pay green on decks that have no green breaks their deck.

    Or, just any deck that gives "gifts".

    That's why the commander format is amazing.

    ALOT of "bad" cards have a home there.

  28. How would this work if you gave it to an opponent. Specificly an opponent who doesnthave green mana?
    I wonder both about regular magic and Commander.

  29. Remember when the best creature for 1 R was a 2/1 that deals damage to you?

  30. Eh I wouldnt say it's the worst but its definitely like a c- or d+ tier card, you probably wont see this in commander because there are so many better options unless the person running the deck was just running out of cards and needed a beater. But being the worst is eh it's okay.

  31. I used to play it in a deck where the leech was the only green spell.

  32. I wonder what the game will look like when ragavan is considered a bad card

  33. If it was 3 manna I might consider playing it

  34. You think Invasion block is magic's "early days"??? Boooyyy

  35. I played blastoderms and saproling bursts instead

  36. I mean, I’m just imagining the different decks today that give opponents copies of creatures/ giving them the creature itself… if they’re not playing green that really kind of screws them ya know?😅

  37. I wish powerful cards still had downsides, especially those that are under 5 mana

  38. You also have the awful combo of Jade Leach, painters servant, and assault suit to prevent your opponents, who don’t have a way to produce green, from casting any spells.

  39. you said it all with "it can ignore Flametongue Kavu"

    that card was NUTS

  40. This would be such a sleeper card to give to you opponents to force them to pay for a color they cannot produce

  41. Not terrible to give to an opponent

  42. Green Juzam Djinn, sSomebody ssStop me!

  43. I still think it has a place in curse decks

  44. Lol, sounds like a fun harmless offering to a non green player 😂

  45. what happens if you have two krosan drover (creature spells with mana cost of 6 or more cost 2 less to play) with this card and you play a creature with converted mana cost of 5?

  46. Why not just play Blastoderm? Your Shivan Wurm will cost the normal amount and you can bounce after swinging.

    Just goes to show what I knew back in the day, sheesh. I never top eighted anything.

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