Jojo Siwa's FAILED Merch... DANGEROUS Asbestos Makeup and INAPPROPRIATE Card Games -

Jojo Siwa’s FAILED Merch… DANGEROUS Asbestos Makeup and INAPPROPRIATE Card Games

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  1. Jojo is very immature and gullible. I have a tiny bit of sympathy for her, but mostly just frustration. Hopefully she "sees the light" in the coming months/years.

  2. I also dislike Howie, Sloan. He’s a terrible person, lol.

  3. Omg a Sloan Swoop collab about ANYTHING is needed 💜

  4. Sloan and swoop would be epic together

  5. 😂😂😂 Howie wearing the JoJo bow! Hilarious

  6. jojo has screwed up so much, that people lost their minds over what she collabed with problematic people and jojo's juice and the make up products.

  7. I feel bad for her honestly. She needs better people around her

  8. Ive always had the ick when it came to jo jo 🤷

  9. Wait was the pic with Trish a April fools joke?!?😩 It literally just hit me 🥹 I’ve been waiting and just realized that the videos probably not came out because it was an April fools joke.😢 please tell me I’m wrong.

  10. Colleen on stage making children put their hands down her pants. yeah, that’s all lies cause video evidence isn’t t enough proof??

  11. You cannot make friends with an adult woman at 12 years old you cannot make friends with an adult anything at 12 years old you cannot make friends with an adult as a child it's never appropriate. In any context. An adult can mentor a child, an adult can teach a child, but friendship never appropriate.

  12. You and Swoop together is my wet dream! 🌊💧🌡️😅😂

  13. You can’t really blame her for her products under Nickelodeon. That’s Nickelodeon’s business. They owned the rights to her face + name.

  14. I understand Jojo grew up and was constantly around adults from a very young age, but her mom also allowed and I’m sure encouraged her daughter into these “friendships” with much older adults… which as a mom is mind boggling! Young kids/teens blindly follow and stick up for “friends” but it shows Jojo is NOT as mature as she thinks. The proof is seeing her impulsive behavior and taking on other people’s identities… she needs friends her age to call her on this chaos! She thinks she’s too mature for people her age but she’s not old enough to even think or act like she’s on an adults level

  15. Coleen ballinger is a predator!

  16. Jojo is just a modern version of Colleen Ballenger. She is clearly mentally struggling and needs help but she also needs to be removed as a figure promoted to children, teens or really anyone for that matter

  17. Colleen is someone I've never watched. She seems to try to appear younger than she is. I also find it a bit sus that people seem to k ow so much about her, but claim to hate her. Stop watching her crap and she wont get any attention.

  18. Jojo really thought "ive known Colleen since i was 12" was a defense? Why was a 29 year old hanging out with a 12 year old?

  19. Wait Colleen is cool? Really?

  20. I just started following swoop. She's dope 👌 ❤

  21. PLS COLLAB WITH SWOOP. I absolutely love that woman.

  22. WOULD LOVEEEEEEEE to see a SWOOP and SLOAN podcast talking about these topics!!!!!!

  23. “The difference is she was my friend”

    Baby girl she was an adult while you were 12.

  24. Swoop is amazing and I would 1,000% watch any collab between the two of you

  25. Swoop makes me laugh. I attend Petty University on the daily. My fav campus. If you know you know. ❤❤ I’d LOVE to see you guys work together!!

  26. It seems like Jojo just popped out of nowhere. Like where did this child with a bow bigger than their entire head and an incredibly scary smile come from? I feel like I need an adult cause she scares me

  27. She is so unhinged but that’s what child stardom does to people. Inflates their heads.

  28. soooo much wrong with this Jojo stuff! creeeeeepyyyy!!

  29. Swoop and Sloan heck yes please Sloan that would be amazing if you can make it happen it’d be awesome!

  30. Swoop, swoop swoop, swoop swoop aaahhhhhhh! YAS!

  31. Wow JoJo is very fooled IMO. How embarassing 🥴😩

    Swoop is amazing. I’d love for you two to meet up 💜

  32. I get groomer vibes from jojo… as Colleen showed us, groomers aren’t always old, creepy men.

  33. her talking voice sounds like years of incorrect singing….. it reminds me of a seasoned smoker. If she really cares about her pop star career, she needs to do something about that if she still can

  34. JoJo is trying to defend the indefensible. If a grown man was asking minors if they were virgins and sending underwear and many of the same things Colleen has said..what would we all think? 🤦
    I didn't know who JoJo was until about 3 years ago when my niece asked for a JoJo bow..I was wondering what the hell is a JoJo bow?😅 I'm in England so my knowledge of her was not on my radar.

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