Joker Jailbreak: A single player card game with a standard playing deck -

Joker Jailbreak: A single player card game with a standard playing deck

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Joker Jailbreak is a single player, solitair-like card game in which you have to break a joker out of jail.

Find the rules written out here:

I have a lot of “ehm”‘s and half finished sentences in here, (and I’m apparently colourblind at 06:08) but I hope it’s still understandable and interesting enough to watch 🙂

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Most likely WarpThrough though, that’s the videogame I’m working on.

Inspired by Tom Francis’s game Gridcannon. You can see his video here:


  1. How about the extra joker is a guard that walks around the walls and if the guard is there when the joker gets out then the wall gets reset


  3. Do we have to match two cards of same colour having the same suit?

  4. That's the only joker that isn't designed ugly

  5. I really like this game, it make you think alot and train your brain, for real tho this should be more popular

  6. Such a great game thanks man wayyyyyy better than solitaire in my opinion no cap 🧢

  7. i believe i may have an idea for the second joker. Whether it's a good idea or not, is another matter. Anyways, here's my idea:

    If you get a joker on one of the walls (or corners) it breaks the wall that it is on down, leaving only the joker that is there there. (If the joker was from one of the corner, however, it can be placed on any of the walls.) the other cards that were on that wall are added to the used deck (the one that's facing up) and that deck is then shuffled. If there weren't any card left in that wall, and the joker is the last one, The used deck is still shuffled.

    After it is shuffled, three cards are then picked up from it. These three cards are then added together to make the value of the joker (so, for example: Jack + 3 + 8 = 22) and the colour of the joker is determined by the colour of the cards. So if the majority (at least two) of the cards were black, the joker is black. so, if the cards were black 5 + red ace + red 8, the joker would be a red card worth 14.

    Also, you might want to put these three cards aside, so that you can refer back to them if your forget what the joker is worth.

    Every certain amount of moves (i haven't figured out how much yet), a card from the unused deck is added on top of the joker until eventually the wall get's back up to 7, not including the joker, Once it get's back to this point that the wall started at, the joker is put aside.

    now the joker can be used once every certain amount of moves, again i haven't figured out how many. but it can only be used once at a time (so, you can't use it if it's already on a wall)

    Hopefully this comment wasn't TOO long and this doesn't make it TOO complex.

  8. I got the worst shuffle I kept on putting cards on top of my joker because I had no cards at all to combine to kill one of the blacks so basically I was stuck and eventually my deck of cards right now so I basically got soft lockout and quit

  9. I like this game a lot, especially if you really take the time to find all possible moves and pick the best option. I like your rule of only using up to 3 saves when stuck. I decided to deal the remaining cards into the walls. Love the kitty blooper at the end.

  10. Simply the best solitaire game ever! Absolutely love it, because it's utterly addictive – and great for the "maths brain" too due to not merely being down to luck! Well done for such a splendid card game invention! Superb job! MORE…!!!! 👍♠️♣️♥️♦️

  11. I am flabbergasted that you created such a clever solitaire game that is truly engaging and challenging and fun. Honestly I didn't think it was possible until I saw this. You need to be famous for this game! WELL DONE!

  12. Hey, so I tried something. When I clear a corner I add a card off the pile. It makes the game a bit faster and also adds an element of not being able to put a card on the joker if you run out.

  13. Little late to the part here but holy moly this game is a blast!


    The Joker seeks revenge on the one who sent them to jail…

    1. Place any card desired, random or chosen, in the center. This is the Victim. Place the Walls and Corners around the Victim.

    2. Place the Joker beside either a Corner or a Wall. Every time you match cards, the Joker moves one space over to the next Wall or Corner clockwise.

    EXAMPLE: If you place the Joker on the top wall, after you match cards, move the Joker to the top right corner. After matching cards again, move the Joker to the right Wall, etc.

    3. When you can’t match cards, place a card from the deck on top of the Joker (same as Joker Jailbreak). The Joker cannot kill the Victim while a card is on top of it.

    4. When a corner is Broken, the Joker moves over to the next Wall for the rest for the game. If a Corner is Broken while the Joker is on it, it moves to the next Wall, then moves again for the cards being matched.

    5. When a Wall is Broken the Joker must be in front of the Wall to enter. If the Joker is not by the Wall, then you must continue to match until the Joker moves there.

    6. When a Wall is Broken open and the Joker is not there, reveal the top card of the deck. If it is the same color as the Victim, place it in the empty space. The Victim boards up the wall.

    7. When the Joker enters inside to the Victim, you must match the Victim in order to kill them and get revenge for sending you to jail, winning the game.

  15. Thanks for the game! Learned it by the 6 min mark! Just played my first game and this is a great game to kickstart your brain and get it its morning stretch!

  16. The deck you used is made by Trefl, beacuse I have a Texas Hold'em deck from them, and it's have the same courts and Joker design like this Holland Casino deck.

  17. Went from YuGiOh and ended up here. Not disappointed lol. Great game man. Nice and simple to understand.

  18. Yeah, this is actually kinda fun, i really like it

  19. Maybe you should add a rule where you can't leave the jail whit cards on top of the joker. Very good game though

  20. Here's a tip to geek it out some more:
    Put your smartphone on the middle as the joker,
    a let it play that gif from The Dark Knight
    of when the Joker is in jail, applauding behind bars. 🤪🤡😆

  21. My uncle is going to love this when we get drunk on Fridays

  22. If you want to make it hard on yourself, only do duplicates unless you have a card on the joker, and the only way to get cards on the joker is if you have no dups, if have cards on joker then you can add numbers to get matching, but once there are no cards on joker continue back to dups only kinda spiked it up a bit and made it last a Lil longer, really like this game a lot….
    All other rules still apply no more than than cards on joker, once those corners are gone it starts get more tough for thinking on next moves

  23. A mobile app for this game should be made. It would be perfect!

  24. Absolutely love the game now, def my fav single player card game. Also, you explained how the game worked extremely well, I'd love to see you continue explaining how different kinds of card games (or even board or video games) work.

  25. I tried it out and it had me really surprised on how efficient game made just the day before it was posted on YouTube would work so smoothly, great game!

  26. i increased the difficulty by adding in a new joker in the middle as well and whatever side the old joker broke out of counts as another barrier that isn't 14 but 15.

  27. Great Game! thanks for creating something this good 👌👌👌👌

  28. Can you play two black 7’s with a red queen and red 2?

  29. Why the fuxj you keep saying uhh and umm

  30. this is such a well made game!! you explained the rules very clearly too :]

  31. is 3 the maximum amount of cards you can choose from each color? at one point i noticed that you used 3 red cards together

  32. Currently making my third attempt, and ALL THE CARDS ARE BLACK and SOMEHOW all the cards I’ve put on the joker were REDS I am hoping the next couple ones are red until I get more reds in the play area lol

  33. I watched this and it was amazing! Here are some variations I found. 1) Tower Collapse: each time a corner breaks, add a card to the two corresponding walls beneath it from the cards you have already cleared (shuffle the deck before this). 2) Heightened Security: Each time you cannot play within the existing setup, place a card on top of all of the piles instead of being in the joker. If each pile can’t be filled, start with the walls before the corners. This comes from Spider Solitaire, and it adds to the card management. 3) Riot: Each time you clear a set with 20 (can change this) value of each red and black, remove one wall for free. Every 5 after this also removed and additional wall section (25 is 2, 30 is 3, 35 is 4, 40 is 5). This means for a 7-card clear you need 50 value each color, which is only possible when all four kings and queens are on the board at the same time, meaning it doesn’t break the game. Let me know what you think of these! I haven’t really tried them out yet, but in theory it seems interesting.

  34. Gemma Boyd: Musician, Writer & Artist says:

    A really great game; the most challenging solo card game I’ve found so far – well done and thank you!

  35. Gemma Boyd: Musician, Writer & Artist says:

    Loving this game – thanks again. I’m going to double up the amount of cards with another set to make the game last longer. Great way to spend Boxing Day!

  36. A cool way to add a competitive edge to the game would be to have a 'high score' potential. This would work on (1) How many wall levels you have AND (2) how many corner levels. So someone could brag about having broken the joker out of jail on a Level 8/1 (i.e. an 8 card stack for the walls, and only 1 card stack for the corners)

  37. i love it! always fun to play cards when you can use the joker – as a kid i thought they were always useless cards.. ♥️

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