Jon Hamm Lost To Elisabeth Moss In 'Mad Men' Card Games -

Jon Hamm Lost To Elisabeth Moss In ‘Mad Men’ Card Games

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Jon Hamm dishes on playing a lot of games with his “Mad Men” castmates behind the scenes, losing to his co-star Elisabeth Moss in the Speed championship, and admitting that if there was a game he wasn’t good at “we would shuffle that one into the back of the line.” Jon also chats about getting together for a weekly poker night with his friends for the last 2 decades as a way to catch up. Tune in today for more with Jon Hamm.

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  1. Megan Markle is an actress yet, she was incapable to play the part and just walk behind the coffin without "holding hands" with Harry in the funeral of her Majesty Elisabeth II SHE HAS NO MERCY, *SHE IS CUNNING SHE MANAGED DISRESPECT THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND AGAIN !!

  2. Jon is so handsome! I always enjoy his interviews. 😊

  3. It's the no longer struggling actor Jon Hamm.

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