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Karuta – A Japanese Card Game

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In karuta, one player reads the writing on a card, and the others try to be first to spot the card with the picture that matches. This game has long been enjoyed by families and friends, but it gained a new face with the recent popularity of competitive karuta. Competition cards feature 100 famous poems from an ancient collection called Hyakunin Isshu. It’s a contest of speed as well as memory, and we’ll watch a national champion spot her card in just 0.2s. The old poems also provide an introduction to Japanese culture, another attraction for the growing number of players who are now taking up this game around the world.


  1. I came here after I saw Chihayafuru EP 1 and want to learn more about the game.

  2. "competetive karuta now has fans all around the world"
    room full of very stereotypical weebs and actual karuta players

  3. back in elementary school in japan the teacher would have us play this game. it was so fun and crazy competitive XD

  4. The faster who splatter cards wins?
    I´ll be the next world champ!

  5. I'm gonna dress as a women to get inside.

  6. Came here because of chihayafuru. I didn’t know that the speed on anime is so accurate

  7. I am here from "Japan Sinks".
    I bet Go would beat Saya easily with his gamer hands.

  8. needed to see if the game from that annoying ass chihayafuru ad on crunchyroll was real, it seemed so dumb but now it seems a bit less lame

  9. School entry in japan
    Professer: so why did you want to come to our school.
    Me: well you see its complicated

  10. The Japanese could make watching paint dry competitive

  11. Came here because of KarutaBot on Discord. Nice to to see and learn about this game.

  12. Who came here from Chihaya Furu?😅

  13. If you are wishing to play this, think again. You might end up in a tragedy like Taichi because not everyone is as good as Arata.

  14. I like the idea but the splattering of cards is lame. Just get your hand on the card first.

    For now, I think I'll stick to 花札 and 将棋

  15. Only problem for playing this game is I can't read Japanese except for some Kanji form.

  16. i searched this cause i got does cards from an auction some got burnt but i saved more than 50.. i can't play it if its not complete right?? :<

  17. Just because Chihayafuru and now i love this game

  18. Arata was said.. best in japan means best in the world is no longer true ')

  19. Came here from Detective Conan movie: Crimson Love Letter.

  20. Detective Conan movie Crimson Love Letter bring me here

  21. I'm here from ProZD talking about Chihayafuru haha

  22. Love how i searched this up by going "Japanese card smacking game"

  23. Many of us are here after watching Chihayafuru 😁 Hit a like if you're eagerly waiting for Chihayafuru 4

  24. “chihayafuru” brought me here lol – wow it’s actually a real game competition…!!

  25. How can they tell which card was hit when they hit the entire pile?

  26. When i watched precure i found out about karuta and im now obsessed

  27. I'm watching Chihayafuru now and i was searching about real "Karuta" and I'm impressive now because they are so fast even in the real life , this game is soo INTERESTING I would love to try it one day!.

  28. if you like this game watch the anime nanbaka! they play this and its funny

  29. That's right I'm here from the anime. I wanted to see if all of this was true or not. Looks like a fun game

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