Latinos Play A Drinking Card Game Made For Latinos -

Latinos Play A Drinking Card Game Made For Latinos

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Pero Like
Doing it for la cultura!

Meet the Team:

Claudia Restrepo

Curly Velasquez

Eli Vazquez

Gadiel De Orbe

Ivan Albino

Maya Murillo

Alexis Garcia

Alexis Tirado

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2019 IFP Gotham Awards
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
The 20th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards – Social
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented By Gucci – Arrivals
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Celebrities Attend The 2019 US Open Tennis Championships – Day 10
Gotham/Getty Images
Walter Mercado Attends The Opening Of Mucho, Mucho Amor: 50 Years of Walter Mercado
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” Red Carpet – The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images
2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards – Show
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
amfAR New York Gala 2019 – Arrivals
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Hard Rock Casino Grand Opening
Donald Kravitz/Getty Images
Telemundo Presents “Todos Unidos”
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Athlete’s Foot and Callus
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Sporting Kansas City v FC Dallas
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  1. Kimmy’s mom is my moms clone lol. They sound just alike

  2. I’m dead why does every salvi mom gotta yell like that. It’s so triggering 😭

  3. Do round two with Gadiel, Maya,and OGs Jenny and Julisia. I'm not asking for Curly because I know he's sober now. Kuddos Curly!


  5. Salud y Dinero y el amor lo compramos!!!!!!! Hahahah buenísimo

  6. YEEESSS! Do another one with gadiel and curly. This was fun to watch.

  7. I wish the game was in Spanish, to be able to play with my non-bilingual fam!!

  8. waittt so my mom isn’t the only one who puts our pots and pans in the oven ! and she is filipina/spanish 🤣

  9. I need this game! And i need friends with whom to play this game

  10. Is the girl I’m green single? 😏 asking for a friend

  11. Saludos desde Aibonito, PR. Was stuck at home due to all of the recent quakes in Puerto Rico, so I decided to make some Cuba Libres and play this game with u guys and my brother. Spolier Alert: I'm Drunk! xD

  12. Mooore! We missed Gadiel, Maya and Curly!

  13. I'm so happy they included a Brazilian on this! Even tho, as a rule, we don't know shit about hispanic cultural references hahahaha

  14. The mom's accent sounded Salvadoran!!! Jajaj, mamá salvadoreñaaa <333

  15. Kimberly needs to be in more segment's. And Eli should have his on camera card removed fck he is boring

  16. "I'm not going to be here forever" -my mom said this 5 mins ago on the phone….so I took a drink too XD

  17. The girl dressed like shaggy is really pretty lol

  18. A Latinx mom at every cellphone conversation😂

  19. "so where are you leaving your car?" if that's not the most mom response ever aww

  20. That’s why I would not call my mom!!! Cause she’ll hit me with 21 questions.😂😂

  21. The vicks and the pots in the oven are a Caribbean thing for sure! Not just latinos

  22. Hahahahaha I died when she called her mom! 😂😂😂😂

  23. Kimmy: I called you to say I love you
    Mom: aha why are you doing that for?….yep Latina mom.

  24. So every card requires a sip? Sounds pretty whack, tbh. Should be a way out of sipping.

  25. I wanna see more of Kimberly Aguilar on camera. I love you guys!

  26. All but one of my friends are sour cream white. I would love to play this but only myself and my one other Latin friend would be absolutely plastered.

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