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Learn English vocabulary for card games

Learn English with Alex [engVid]
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Grab a seat and get ready to play some card games. In this free English vocabulary class, I will teach you all the words you’ll need the next time you play cards with English speakers. Whether the cards are being dealt at the casino or at your kitchen table, I guarantee you’ll find something useful and applicable in this lesson. The following English vocabulary is covered: pack, deck, pile, shuffle, draw, discard, take turns, dealer, order of play, clockwise, counterclockwise, face up, face down, and more! Make sure to check your understanding by doing the quiz after you finish the video:

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  1. UNO is definitely my favorite game. And if you like faster games, look for the speed UNO rules. 🎴

  2. We used to play UNO a lot as kids
    But our rule it kinda different.

  3. Dziękuję Ci za każdą lekcję angielskiego, za każdy uśmiech i za każdy żart, nawet jeśli nie wiedziałam, dlaczego „9 bało się 7”. Jesteś dla mnie, kimś w rodzaju, „guru” i BARDZO, BARDZO chcę Ci podziękować za to co robisz! Z całego serca życzę Ci POMYŚLNOŚCI!!!

  4. That’s an interesting topic to to talk about 👍🏻👍🏻😆

  5. Thanks for this lesson on Cards game vocabulary 💃

  6. It is very interesting that you don't know play cards. It is a excellent character in India. ♥️ From India and marry Christmas sir !

  7. Thanks for teaching us, Teacher Alex. I was thinking it would be nice to get to know the root words of Latin and Greek origins in the future!

  8. You are doing great work sir, thank you.

  9. Definitely, I learned words in playing games! Thanks Alex for your great job!

  10. Hi Alex, how to say this in English, to slide a little bit of the cards when you holding the cards.
    Thanks in advance

  11. I appreciate you for all your videos I like all of your grammar explanation . Sometimes l teach them to my friends 👍

  12. Sir please upload vedio….the different between "i am told"" i am asked" & " i am mistaken" " i am prepared " is these all sentences in passive voice ? It seem the later is not

  13. One white board, one teacher and 11 years. It is wonderful to see someone committed to a channel and teaching. Thank you. (Hope you correct mistakes in this comment) 😂

  14. I loved these video! I didn't know so many words!

  15. This is perfect for me. I'm a Magician. I needed to Review this vocabulary ♠️♦️♣️❤️🎩

  16. The Ace of Spades.
    It's the name of a song of the heavy metal band "motorhead".

  17. You’re amazing !! I can understand anything you explain!!I used to play UNO with my family that’s super cool I definitely recommend it.

  18. I will be on the way to Casino after this lesson to practice the knowledge I just learned.

  19. I cant speak english how can I understand you dude?

  20. I never realised how much I missed having a proffesor figure. Great channel, keep up the good work, kind sir.

  21. Hello Alex:) All the best in New Year:) I'm Teresa from Poland. I like playing bridge very much. Unfortunately, now I don't have any partners so I have to play with my computer. Thanks for useful videos:)

  22. Are you sure Alex ????
    Trump cards was beaten by Beiden cards in there own Euchre game .

  23. Hi Alex, your lessons are interesting as ever and the same goes for all other teachers. However, I would really appreciate a lot if you dedicated a series of lessons to Business English. I would be truly grateful to you.

  24. Wow! It's magnificent topic! Thank you SO much!!!

  25. Olá professor! Assisti as suas aulas elas são maravilhosas. Gostaria de aprender muito mais contigo. Eu não tenho condições de pagar aula de inglês. Por favor, ajude- me🙏

  26. I'm from Bolivia and my grandmother and I like so much to play cards and this is so useful

  27. In America peoples use the Will Ya word and of the sentence please sir you can tell what is that mean I wanna know

  28. Don't play wildcard. We need good lessons👍👍👍

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