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Learn Tressette in under 3mins – Italian Card Game – Quick Start Guide

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Tressette is a must learn Italian card game. It is one of the 3 most popular Italian card games. It’s easy to learn and very fun to play. Here a brief introduction to Tressette with the most important rules. Check out our longer video on Tressette if you want a more in-depth guide.


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By Christopher Cannucciari

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  1. Love the videos of the Italian games I’m happy that now I can play games with my Italian Family

  2. Great video, but you forgot to explain the "Buon Gioco", and the Napula. And the many tricks used in 4 players….

  3. Why the fractions? Is a player required to win the trick if he/she has several cards in the suit led by the opponent?

  4. You didn't say that in the two player after a trick, the winner of the trick takes a card from the leftover stack, and both players show the card they pulled. Otherwise great explanation.

  5. Perfect explanation. My father and I love playing scorpa and briscola and he used to play this game when he was a kid. Thanks for the explanation!

  6. I recomend you to search a Brazilian game called "truco", I'm sure you would love

  7. Do you play two players this way? Also do you play with the bonus rule of If a player has four threes, twos, or aces, then they score four points. If they have three threes, twos, or aces, they score three points.

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