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Learn Tressette in under 3mins – Italian Card Game – Quick Start Guide

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Tressette is a must learn Italian card game. It is one of the 3 most popular Italian card games. It’s easy to learn and very fun to play. Here a brief introduction to Tressette with the most important rules. Check out our longer video on Tressette if you want a more in-depth guide.


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  1. There is another version of this game, called '' a chiamare '' ('' calling'' ). It is played by a minimum of 3 and no maximum number of players. First of all, you may need to remove some '' no value '' cards , usually fours or fives ,so each player will be handled the same number of cards at the beginning (say it's 3 people playing, you remove one of the Fours so everybody gets 13 cards , 4 people playing get 10 cards each, 5 people get 8 each,6 people playing you remove all the Fours so everybody gets 6 cards and so on.) The first player, if he has a good hand, '' calls '' the holder of one of the Three's to be his (secret) companion. The pair will play together against the rest of the players. MIND: the companion cannot reveal himself, however, it will become obvious very soon ( for example as soon as the caller plays a high value card and the companion who can't follow suit handles him an ace of a different suit). However, a player may play in a way that will trick the '' caller'' to believe him to be the companion! With the result of making the '' caller '' play a hand or more'' against '' his real companion, for example by not handling him a big fat ace when possible. At the end of the hands, Points are cumulated between all the players of each team. At the beginning, If the first player doesn't feel confident about '' calling '', he can '' pass '' and the next player may decide to '' call '' a Three holder. If nobody calls, you play that set as '' a perdere '', meaning that the rules will stay the same, however the aim of that game will be for everyone to make THE LEAST POSSIBLE AMOUNT OF POINTS ( aces ,two's and three's being dropped ASAP if you can't follow suit!)

  2. If oponnent play for example Jack of spade, do I need to play higjest possible card in that suit or I can play any card from that suit?

  3. Love the videos of the Italian games I’m happy that now I can play games with my Italian Family

  4. Great video, but you forgot to explain the "Buon Gioco", and the Napula. And the many tricks used in 4 players….

  5. Why the fractions? Is a player required to win the trick if he/she has several cards in the suit led by the opponent?

  6. You didn't say that in the two player after a trick, the winner of the trick takes a card from the leftover stack, and both players show the card they pulled. Otherwise great explanation.

  7. Perfect explanation. My father and I love playing scorpa and briscola and he used to play this game when he was a kid. Thanks for the explanation!

  8. I recomend you to search a Brazilian game called "truco", I'm sure you would love

  9. Do you play two players this way? Also do you play with the bonus rule of If a player has four threes, twos, or aces, then they score four points. If they have three threes, twos, or aces, they score three points.

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