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Legends of Runeterra – Official Card Game Overview Trailer

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Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is a free-to-play strategy card game set in the world of LoL. LoR features
cards based on the iconic champions of LoL, as well as new characters and allies hailing from the regions
of Runeterra, each with their own style and strategic advantage.

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  1. Riot Games is looking at Blizzard like:
    See this? It's you, but better.

  2. LOR factions exists:

    Shurima, Ixocan and Mount Targon: Confused John Travolta meme

  3. Damn the new Hearthstone expansion looks lit! 🔥👌🏻

  4. Riot must be ecstatic that they revealed their card game at the right time.

  5. Not on phone? Or console we need games like this all this console card games are straight up boring

  6. Card name:Yasuo
    Effect:if an random enemy in on the deck, yasuo will 100% E over, and if an enemy is knock up, 100% ult will be used.
    No matter what yasuo do, he have 100% of dying, during which he will ctrl+6, displaying his 0/23/2 skill to everyone.

  7. LoL Players :Give us 2019 Song
    Riot Releases Song
    LoL Players : We want URF
    Riot : We will release the original URF
    LoL Players : Give us rewards
    Riot Give rewards base on Worlds.
    LoL Players Thanks
    Riot Shows anime trailer
    Riot Shows LoL Mobile
    Riot Shows new champion
    Riot Makes Card Game
    LoL Players Screams out

  8. So Riot finally has more than one game. Now they have earned the title Riot GameS

  9. When Legends of Runeterra has better champions than League

  10. I like how Yasuo says hasaki when ability activates but sounds like the same than the original game.

  11. You know my first thought was "riot please dont go down the microtransaction route garbage" but then I realized that they were the OG successful microtransaction company and they haven't abused that in 10 years IMO, so I'm gonna give this the benefit of the doubt. I'm actually hyped.

  12. I am surprised that nobody talks about this game, really… I mean it will destroy all the competition!!! Although this might not.. I mean.. cough Hearthstone…

  13. IGN: Every move matters! Careful! Your opponent's can counter you!
    Me: How cute! this must be his first card game!

    Joking aside, this actually looks pretty cool!

  14. Next will be league of legends : mmorpg

    Edit : Tnx for likes

  15. My deck has no Useless Champions! and it has the unstoppable Broken! Satan Champion!
    Draw TEEmo

  16. "So kids, This is the game that suits you, Not LoL PC nor Mobile"

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