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Let’s Play Sonic the Card Game!

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Let’s learn how to play Sonic: The Card Game with Jamie Giblin and Gaz Reid! A speedy racing card game for 2 to 6 players.

Can you blast through with Sonic speed to snag the most gold rings, or will your friends leave you in the dust?

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0:00 Introduction
0:12 Choose Your Character
0:50 Setting Up
1:04 Practice Round
3:39 Stage One
5:31 Stage Two
7:56 Stage Three
10:27 Stage Four
11:58 Final Stage
15:55 Final Scores

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  1. Just got this for Christmas and tried playing it the rules are not very clear can someone explain to me how the invincibility card works? Not shown in the video?

  2. Gotta put it more characters. Omega, Rogue, Dr egg man, Jet,Wave,storm, Espio, vector, charmy bee, metal sonic, silver, etc.

  3. So it's kinda like Blackjack, without the hand cards… That's… Not at all what I expected, but sure. A fun afternoon. It would be cool if characters had stats or at least a unique ability per character (also non-stock 3D art), but what are you gonna do.

  4. How are cards/rings split when both players retire at the same time?

  5. What is the likelyhood of an Elden ring board game in the future?

  6. Are you going to do anything else for darksouuls? If not I've lost interest in the company

  7. You better let Gaz be Leon, or he won't play…

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