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Lets talk about “FAILED” Trading Card Games…and the Hidden Market for them

Alpha Investments
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TCG = 1,000’s of TCG’s are attempted with a 99% fail rate. If every card in the game can be obtained by making a small purchase, or if the manufacturer does not market it as a CCG, and maintain a STRONG secondary market, then it is NOT a TCG…and will fail with the rest.

Less than 1% of all CCG’s make it past 5 years in production.



  1. Rudy how dare you not open cards nobody wants to see lol great work dude love the content

  2. I was excited for force of will and thought it could go far but 3 monthes after it collapsed for some reason.

  3. Anybody remember the yu yu Hakusho tcg? Was kinda unique, power creep killed it fast af tho…

  4. How do you get these boxes so cheap? I'd buy 10 just to make play decks.

  5. When one man can buy an entire box of BOOSTER BOXES, you can tell the TCG failed horribly or something like that.

  6. Can't believe they made a TCG for Nightmare Before Christmas. Out of curiosity checked Ebay and the boosters are going for about $20 to $30.

  7. How much do you wanna sell forthe force of will? For one box

  8. I wish Force of Will made more impact on the UK market. I loved the very few packs I purchased.

  9. If you want to sell some of that NMBC stuff, my wife is a huge fan and I have been trying to find a TCG that can keep her attention so we can all play together. I would be super interested in the starter decks if you happen to come across them. But booster boxes also! @JPopp_FL on instagram if you want to sell some.

  10. I would say it's worth it to the ones who is interested in the whole entire set and play them there is a market for dead CCG/TCG cause there's people making Proxis of newer cards to continue the games alive with new strategies and everything…

  11. I predict Duel Masters is gonna be on this list lol

  12. In Thailand there are many failed trading card game like commandeer TCG even Ex-Famous TCG like Dinomaster Duel Dinosaur Card

  13. Came across an extra binder when I dug out my 99-2000 Pokemon cards the other day. It has a bunch of Dragon Ball Z cards in it. No idea what set or anything, I don't even remember buying a pack, but I know some came in magazines and stuff, but there's too many to be from just that I feel like… Are they worth the binder pages they are in? They would be from before Pokemon in and around 2000 If I had to guess.

  14. I wanna collect stuff like this but never have the money sadly

  15. Id want them all because I love anime lmao and cartoons and whatever is art

  16. I'm going to get into force of wil I don't care if people are playing or not

  17. You should check one of the best "failed" TCG named Vandaria Wars… Which is got the most awesome gameplay but the worst RnD team ever… And the marketing sucks…

  18. I remember sitting at my lgs as a kid and two guys came in with starter decks of L5R giving them away and promoting, idk if they were the creators or not but they took the time to teach me to play after giving me a deck it was pretty awsome, its actually a pretty cool game

  19. Clone wars boosters are at 40ish bucks now 0.0

  20. It's sad to hear what happened to FoW. I would still love to buy some sealed boxes, for old times' sake.

  21. Force of Will is still alive and well here in Canada lol.

  22. Can I buy a few boosters of Jihad TCG from ya please? I'm trying to complete my ISIS Suicidal Control deck!

  23. Is the space your $6 investments take up worth the investment?

  24. Lo5 came back within the last few years. Did the raise the price of the older booster boxes? Idk if they are compatible being its owned now by a different company.

  25. Hey Rudy! I’ve been watching your content over the years and this video sparked my curiosity with the WoW TCG. It looks like they have a relatively strong secondary market but my question is do you have any experience with that one? Any suggestions on how to get some in bulk for someone looking for the cards and NOT the loot?

    Thanks for everything you do!

  26. I have a binder full of Shadowrun from 20 years ago

  27. Do you still have nightmare before christmas card game

  28. I cant find force of will that cheap anywhere.

  29. Do you happen to have any booster boxes from the Inuyasha TCG? I'd interested in buying

  30. This whole video is you talking about why you arent going to open the cards. You are not doing this right. Thumbs down.

  31. Where did you buy these they seem really cheap

  32. Dude, these shit don't have potential to be an investment

    you bought that for $5
    it's won't be higher than $15 in 10 years

  33. 2021 baby. Force of Will for free?? You made out like a bandit Rudy!!

  34. Star Wars Destiny was a really good card game made by Fantasy Flight Games, started around the time this video came out. Official time of death was last January. It really sucks playing a fun game then watching it die.

  35. at 8:20 "look who made that, are you really all surprised? i swear topps screws everything up" Metazoo is in talks with them, wonder how Rudy feels

  36. Yeah, but where can I buy the rights to a failed game?

  37. Star Trek from the 90's. Beautiful cards though

  38. 90’s CCG’s & TCG’s
    (With Great Rule Systems)
    Legend of Five Rings (Imperial Ed)
    Jihad (vampire, White Wolf)
    “Star Wars,” (Decipher)
    1996 “Ruinsworld,”
    “The Last Crusade,” (WW2)
    “Rage,” (Werewolf, White Wolf)
    “Mutant Chronicles,”

  39. Oh COME ON!! Open at least a booster, you cheap fuck! Your videos get hundreds of thousands of views and you're worried you'll lose $5? Boooo!

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