Like Slay the Spire? Try These 5 Roguelite Card Games Next! -

Like Slay the Spire? Try These 5 Roguelite Card Games Next!

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Like Slay the Spire? Here are five other roguelite card games that can scratch that same deck-builder itch. I’ll talk about each of these games both on their own and in comparison to slay the spire so that you know what you’re getting from each of these roguelite card games.

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Roguebook Review:
Monster Train Review:
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Tainted Grail: Conquest: [coming soon]
Poker Quest:

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  1. Hope that you enjoyed this video! Let me know if you want to see me do a similar video with any other popular roguelites.

  2. I recommend checking out Dicey Dungeons. It’s super fun and has one of my favorite game OSTs ever. It’s not exactly a card game but it’s very similar and does something really unique

  3. In the ever-expanding sea of roguelikes, more videos like this are ALWAYS welcome. I was a bit disappointed to only learn about one new game for me (Poker Quest), but that's NOT your fault. ^^"
    However, you made me want to check out Roguebook a lot more. I will probably get it when it's on sale for the next time.

    Anyways, keep doing your usual good work and stay healthy.

  4. I'd also recommend Nowhere Prophet, it has a very interesting story + setting, with many branching paths and its gameplay is board based, kinda like the duelyst of old

  5. I really liked the video. I think short honorable Mentions part at the end would be nice.

  6. Also would like to recommend Knock on the Coffin Lid. Another great one that has an interesting story and a lot of variety.

  7. I also recommand "Ring of Pain" the gameplay is original and it's pretty hard!

  8. A very good video!! Its been a while but good video anyways

  9. You should check out 'Vault of the Void'. Out of all the recent deck building games, I felt that it was the one that changed up the StS formula the most.

  10. It's a crying shame that you didn't include Vault of the Void here.

    It's a great rogue-like card game with awesome graphics and interesting gameplay.

  11. omg I was waiting for this… you told me it was coming in the last comment

  12. Nice Video.
    Leaving my algorithm comment.

    I gotta admit that I am not that into card rogue likes, but I still enjoy viewing your videos.
    The video idea is great, especially when you have more indepth reviews to the promoted games. I would love to see more of them.
    On the other hand, I think that it is important to expand your reviewed games since your regular viewers already know these games and you most likely refer to the known roguelike (in this case Slay the Spire) in the "single game reviews".
    These videos are propably good to get new viewers and for those who don't like to watch every single video from you.

  13. You should try Barony, it has a great storyline, great soundtracks… It is another 10/10 roguelike game

  14. Good overview of other great Deckbuilders. Your content is as good as big channels. I wish you many more viewers.

  15. am i the only person who prefers monster train over slay the spire?

  16. My recommendation would be Pirates Outlaws, great game

  17. Rogue Book was a very good suggestion, thanks !

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