LIVE | DAY 1 | Wild Card Stage | M5 World Championship. (ENG) -

LIVE | DAY 1 | Wild Card Stage | M5 World Championship. (ENG)

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🏆 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M5 World Championship 2023 Wild Card Stage kicks off today!

🤩 The opening match will be between Homecrowd favorites, Team SMG and Laos Pride, Niightmare Esports! Who will get the BO3 truimph? Stay tunned!

🧐And among the 8 teams from Group A and B, who will get their first point?

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  1. epic rank 4merical 😂 go go all dps

  2. After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. – Nelson Mandela

  3. ternyata susah ya hidup mandiri tanpa bantuan ortu dan keluarga dekat aja gk mw apa lg tetangga, pda cuek, katanya (SAPA LU) minta minta tiap hari di kota BALIKPAPAN..

  4. Wtf is this Nepal is participating but not india🤣

  5. The level of old regions such as PH and ID are too far compare to other newly established ones. So kudos to mlbb for having an m5 mini tournament.

  6. 3:11:55 Question who was the loudest ?
    Ans : Yeahhh😂😂😂😂

  7. Why is Umbrella Esports' logo look like a wolf doing a kung fu crane style

  8. After wild card also they can't suffer from real strong players but good luck I am supporting nepal for wild card 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  9. Commentators are too biased with the comments here. They're all nubs here..hahah

  10. proud of 4merical. still very proud. they showed better micro and great mental strength.

  11. YASU WAS A VERY LAME CASTER. Please please replace him 😢

  12. 7:05:09 bro the caster saying that novaria is mid after trades is understandable but dude didn't you still realize novaria is support ? You are saying "oohh novaria has a roaming thing" this is not professional and it's annoying

  13. too bad game is sht unless you got a pro team cause half the player base is boosted or using vpn and ruin half of your games.

  14. Motherchodu don’t speak English if you can’t , there are many people who are better and wants to cast but this people buying cast slot with money 😢sad life 😂but rip English speaking is like rice cooking in teapot

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