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[LIVESTREAM] Watching the ONE PIECE CARD GAME Championship Final Round + Commentary!

Asyraf D. Chazz
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Watching the livestream for the finals! Don’t forget to like the original stream at the link below:




► One Piece Card Game discord:

Website links for the One Piece Card Game 2022:


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Asyrafchazz is Singaporean based creator, who is extremely addicted to all things GEEK-related. An avid fan of Magic the Gathering, One Piece and Pokemon, he aims to share some of his addictions on this humble slice of this platform. Asyrafchazz also streams on twitch, and loves doing box openings for all TCGs out there!


  1. Man so pump trying a local tourney tomorrow going straw hat deck. I’ve played twice, is the deck good if it’s 2 decks in fused into one?

  2. Can you somehow Show the ace deck from Tee or can i found it somewhere

  3. 3:21:50 If he didnt activate trigger to search, kept the event in hand we wouldve won the game, absolute madness to think something that small is significant. love this TCG

  4. Hey Chazz, is there any one piece tournament coming up that your planing on streaming? Really enjoyed your last one you did. 😊

  5. Do we have a deck list for Riki's Big Mom deck?

  6. Anyone have the deck profile of the winner?

  7. Love your videos! I learned a lot of thinks from you
    What do you think about Kaido in op2 and op3?

  8. Aw man, I wish we would see more smoker in the top bracket..

  9. Something to watch while working! See you at the end of the video in about 7 and 30 hours!

  10. Hey what do you think about Law R/G for op-03? it still viable or not enought?

  11. That Zoro vs WB match was intense! The bluff was crazy good, but that Zoro rush was just too overwhelming.

  12. Im so happy you are streaming these. I could never understand or know what was going on. But your commentary makes it really fun to watch. I hope you do this more often.

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