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Lorcana is the BEST Card Game I Have Played

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Disney Lorcana is a new tcg that Rarran really likes
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The BEST Card Game I Have Played This Year

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  1. This just seems like a bad mtg clone

  2. I'm glad to see Lorcana hype. I've been playing for a while now and it's so much fun

  3. play some flesh and blood if you have some time! maybe you like it 🙂

  4. Lorcana was made for actual children, so it makes sense that it would be easy for Rarran to catch up.

  5. the mana system is similar to a game i used to play in my childhood Duel Masters (later rebranded as Kaijudo) But this looks much cooler

  6. Im surprised you were able to understand this game rarran , given past experiences lol.

  7. I love the music in this vid! So many bangers! So much nostalgia!

  8. And now Disney comes to Take this Game down

  9. Reminds me of Dragonball Super TCG and a bit of Duel Masters

  10. Lorecanas big issue is they have some of the most boring card design / worst raritycreep in the first set with 2 exact same state text (no text) in 2 different colors one a rare one a super rare.

  11. So this is MTG with lands, 20 points of face and trade on board

  12. Don't tell Disney that the website exists. It's gonna get DMCA'd in a heartbeat lmao

  13. Dear Rarran, I love the videos you do of other card games. I'm no longer playing Hearthstone but I'm still watching your videos because of that

  14. How is questing allowing your opponent to hit your card so much more unique than attacking in magic allowing your opponent to defend and thus damage your creature?

  15. All of the mechanics about this game you liked are in/from Duel Masters and its reincarnation Kaijudo.

  16. Just got into this game in physical with my fiancé as my first in person TCG since high school. As Disney people we absolutely love it. Working on an Amber/Amethyst deck with my pretty boy blonde Hades.

  17. Disney fans and TCG usualy dont do that well together.

    I cant think of a single person who likes Disney and TCG. The usual TCG players knows that disney is the devil.

    Cant you see that the victory points is nothing else but lifepoints? You could argue that you have to attack with cretues to get victory points. If you have 20 VP you win.
    Pretty much the same. Maby it has it little tweeks but nothing out of the ordinary.

    You have a mana mechanic with that ink stuff. But only some cards can produce mana? Maaaaan this reminds me of some lands from magic.

    You have nearly the same pace as every other TCG.

    I cant realy see any special things here and i believe that Rarran gets payed for this, lol.

    If you realy want something else try Flesh and Blood.

    But if you wanna play magic, stick to magic. Dont call it Lorcana!

  18. Yes! i'm currently playing a villain deck with emerald/amethyst

  19. Yes finallly i wanted to pay lorecana when it released but there was no client … now i can

  20. bro, ngl i think i'm actually going balls deep into YGO. just thought u would love to know bro 😉

  21. I can't take this game seriously for the same reason I can't take marvel snap seriously and almost passed on HS.
    using existing mega IPs for card games is just not it. I know I'm only 0:39 into this video but the disney characters means im out.

  22. this game is too meta, to a point, it doesn't feel like a magical duel anymore

  23. This game is easy and fun on my opinion, but theses card games will just survive 3/5 years because this card game its not disney making is other Studio who make the board games, and if they cant pay for disney to permit use their image caracters they just gona end the game. And sadly i see so many card games like the lorcana just end in 3 years and dosen't matter if the game is bad or good.

  24. You should try the one piece card game it's very fun also

  25. definitely gonna peep this since it's free. actually seems really fun & ez to pick up

  26. My friend got all three starter decks and made me play it with him, got out two strong characters and just kept swinging at them till I won. It's the most mindless game I have ever played.

  27. Great video, love Lorcana. Not into hearthstone anymore. Are you going to be making Lorcana content occasionally? Or is this a 1 and done?

  28. I'd play but disney has enough coomers and paypigs

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