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Lord of the Rings Card Game PART 01

Fantasy Flight Games
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Part 01 of 05: Learn to play the Lord of the Rings the Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games!

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Fantasy Flight Games



  1. At least you can play alone (solitaire) if you don't have any friends … (sob, sob …)

  2. When will you reprint the sets currently unavailable?

  3. Kevin Brighting of the Stanley Parable? =O id recognize that hero anywhere <3

  4. Well i think this game looks awesome, and there is alot of people out there that enjoy working together as a team alot more than purely player vs player.

  5. Looking good, got me interested as I play MTG casually every once in a while.

  6. Yay! It has the same narrarator from the Warhammer Invasion vids! (Sorry of the misspellings.) I am so stoked for this game!


  7. Wow and I thought Magic The Gathering was tough. I think I will stick to MTG & A Game Of Thrones LCG. But the plus side to LotR LCG is the scene timeline.

  8. @wrathi THESE game are great bc they are so versitile and the PLAY value you get for a smaller amount you have dis out in nuts! WAY higher play value vs MTG

  9. @feeblesmatt
    If you like games that involve co-op, then look out for "Pandemic" and "Flash Point Fire Rescue". They are excellent co-op games.

  10. Great Solo / Coop game, great expansions too especially Khazadum and Hobbity.. btw i saw some people copying the core-set cards because they dont come in sets of 3 (they come in 1s and 2s in the core-set). Is it legal / ok to copy cards and play them in game store even / tournaments ?

  11. it's legal for personal play, i don't think i've ever seen that legal for organised play in any game

  12. Too late? This came out during 2010, been here for only 3 years.

  13. Im playing this game with my girl like fanatic!

  14. I wonder if this system would lend itself well to a Doctor Who setting?

  15. @CrystalblueMage I'm a bit surprised that FFG hasn't launched games with other themes using the same system, it seems to lend itself to that.

  16. is this game good?cause i am thinking of buing it

  17. This intro video convinced me to try the game. This video is better than any review of the game.

  18. Just bought this game! So pumped! Any tips for beginners?

  19. Is the expansions still being printed? Love this game. But don't wanna be getting into a collection that's done and finished. ?

  20. Single Player? Now I can be nerdy AND lonely in style!

  21. wtf the characters look nothing like they should…>,;,< hmmm

  22. I love watching these 5 videos once in a while. This game rules!

  23. Very good tutorials for a game which is almost impossible to get beyond the core box!

  24. PLEASE Fantasy Flight Games bring that masterpiece back to Brazil! We needing this.

  25. Great video! This card game is incredible. Too bad the steam version is not a copy of it. :/

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