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Lord of the Rings Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel reviews Lord of the Rings: the Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight

00:00 – Introduction
01:23 – Game overview
09:30 – Final thoughts

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  1. I'll just stick to Marvel Champions. Don't wanna look at a bunch of giant spiders while I play. "But, Alex, isn't there Spider-Man stuff in Marvel Champions? Doesn't that stuff bother you?" Ah-ha, ah-ha, I see whatcha did there….smart ass

  2. interesting game… I may just pick this one up

  3. @ibeholder12 honestly ive had no probs with the game…we usually win.

  4. my friend and i have beat the 1st 2 scenarios in the box. we beat the first one with the 2 fighter decks. played the 2nd round with the other 2. got totally destroyed. like, totally, starting with turn 1. turn 1. we ended up trying it a 2nd time with the 2 fighter decks and won, but it was still a challenge. havent tried the 3rd yet or xpan, but i can tell you this game is very fun, even losing, we had a blast and felt like we needed to try again. this game comes highly recommended, great review

  5. I played this game at a convention and I was sold

  6. Was thinking about getting this but FF just announced Elder Signs, A co-op card game with Dice rolling. So interested to see how that one turns out

  7. on the record as NOT missing the slow motion box dump.

  8. Thanks, Tom. I was looking forward to your review of this great game.

  9. Tom, you should ask Holy for hers helmet before doing a review about such games :))

  10. Confused about the "LCG turning him off." Frankly, I would rather have this any day than some CCG where a person wins based on the size of his/her wallet.

  11. Cooperatives games: when you win, you high five each other. Hell yeah, Tom. Hell yeah.

  12. Nice review, but for the love of gawd stop saying eXcetera.

  13. love lcg formats. don't feel used by marketing whores. level playing field for everyone.
    great review. definitely looking forward to trying it out especially co-operative. high fives all around. and that.. is .. how.. it's.. done… yeah.

  14. I was hoping this would be the opposite of co-op. I was hoping for Player vs. Player like the FFG Warhammer.

  15. @RoC1909 I fully agree. MTG is great, but its just stupid where a dumb ass with good cards will 90% of the time win against a smart dude with his budget deck.

  16. "Mirthenwood?"…you mean 'Mirkwood?'
    Are we sure we're a LOTR fan? 😉

    Not too bad explanation, considering there's a lot of ground to cover and a number of cards. abilities and effects interlock with others. Could have done with a little bit of structure on the phases, and showcasing the layout of the cards.

    Not bad though 🙂

  17. @GeorgeZupster
    What makes a card game boring for me is when everything feels predictable. This game is good for adding surprises, such as having you committing questing characters without knowing the next cards to appear, and having to declare defenders against enemies that may have a random effect.

    It balances itself well, with over-powered heroes starting you closer to the 50-threat game-over dial. If you're tempted look at the Fantasy Flight Games video tutorials on the game, they're good 🙂

  18. This game is incredible. To anyone that's on the fence: buy it.

  19. This game rocks. I bought it a little over a week ago. I've played it at least 7 times since. It's that good. It does a good job of conveying a story and keeping that sense of "threat" up. So much fun!!!

  20. @Skurvy2k I love Tom's reviews and the Dice Tower is awesome, but I cringe everytime I see all those game components being carelessly tossed like a whiny ex-girlfriend.

  21. …and it,s not very expensive…Maybe is the next board/social/card game that i'm gonna buy!!

    Thanks for your review

  22. This game seem to complicated to me on WatchItPlayed's YouTube channel.

  23. I bought a second Core box for some more Gandalfs, threat trackers, and tokens. Let me tell you, it's amazing with 4 players. With 4 players the game is easier and the strategy is really fun. Also if you get one of each adventure pack as they come out, that's plenty of extra cards to build powerful decks for all four players. It's usually a good idea for each player to focus on one sphere and just focus on being great at where your sphere does. I usually play Spirit and I keep people moving.

  24. The looping background was really distracting.

  25. I play this game quite regular (played about 20 quests multiple times). Despite the fact that the quests are difficult especially in solitaire mode, don't let it scare you. Just try a 2-player game with all 4 spheres. For example Player 1: 2 Tactics + 1 Lore, Player 2: 2 Leadership + 1 Spirit. Take all cards (except ticket of spears, it's only useful with 3 tactics heroes) and just start with Passage through Mirkwood to get used to it. When you're used to it, this quest is peanuts. The other 2 in the core set are more of a challenge.

    Last remark, for more info of the game, visit COTRPodcast on Youtube.

  26. i love this game I got all the expansions etc and just bought the black riders saga expansion  amazing and the new rules they keep adding just make it amazing to play again and again ! your review was spot on !! as always tom!

  27. Brilliant game, worth spending the money on expansions, expensive but massive replayability, as Tom says very high production value, great artwork, and quests are bloody hard!

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