Magic: The Gathering - Inside the World's Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions -

Magic: The Gathering – Inside the World’s Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions

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Wizards, demons and goblins collide in the world’s first trading card game Magic: The Gathering, affectionately dubbed “cardboard crack” by its 10+ million diehard obsessives. From dank, wood-paneled basements to international big money pro tournaments, Magic continues to flourish since its phenomenal debut in 1993.

VICE follows a professional Magic player who dropped out of college for a shot to be number one on the pro circuit, while two brothers wax nostalgic about the spells of old.

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  1. what was in that guys folder that he couldn't show on camera?? really wanna know and im not even into these cards looool

  2. Tempest was awesome. Still my favorite decks to play.

  3. "Vintage is the wild wild west of magic"

  4. Ok so nobodys gonna talk about that convention center name?!!?!@ "GAYLORD National" !?!?! I MEAN COME ONNN PEOPLE

  5. In the time before Gwent….the before time…we played with Magic…

  6. It's hilarious to think I used to play with Millions of dollars worth of cards in my hands, lol!!! =D:::::

  7. I don't even play magic and I couldn't stop watching this

  8. MTG players don't believe in the heart of the cards.

  9. Sorry, but this games 'pro tour' could not have been held at a more aptly named venue!

  10. A man with a MULLET telling you what things YOU shouldn't do.

  11. What couldn't the guy show on camera? Haha

  12. Preacher dudes Mullet was fucking AMAIZING!!!😳

  13. Why chess is still better.. there is no luck in chess and everything is equal

  14. its amazing how 4 copies of aether vial cost me over 200 bucks. What are my doing with my life?

  15. Tapping mana like it ain't no thang. Best card game everrrr.

  16. Give me red goblin deck its over before you can say mulligan

  17. I used to play to win and make infinite loop decks and 100% stopping power types, eventually it just gets boring and I started craving theme creature decks and I have 13 creature types finished so far and it’s a blast to play them now! Such a great and versatile game.

  18. i still have the cards I used to play back in time. they worth atleast something nowadays 💯❤️

  19. I've played online a little bit. It was fun but so complicated to learn. More than a little difficult. Whoa I love that the family plays it together. That's so cool. Especially seeing older people playing the game with their kids. I'm jealous honestly.

  20. Lovely how these people can come together and get away from their normally mundane life….playing magic at home.

  21. The game seems so amazing. I just wish the people who played it cared taking a shower.

  22. man back when twin was good, abrupt decay was one of the best counters, cause it couldn't be countered.

  23. Leave it to the Regan administration to attribute Satanic worship to contextual imagery. Create the community, Yes! The family dinner is almost forgotten, keep it real vice!

  24. I wish some one would explain the game so some of us can understand what's really going on. It is interesting to see a small window of the community

  25. For me,growing up it was always Yu-Gi-Oh. From 6 years old I started becoming obsessed with it and even though it was a really expensive pass time,I feel it really helped me develop compared to what you see kids doing now,spending real money on fake money on games that arent anywhere near as engaging. By the time I was 10 id easily spent around £1000 on cards,but like chess you are always thinking ahead yet can still win through chance. I got back into it at 19 and due to having a good amount of money bought a shitload of cards,then when i found the Duel Links app i became that nerdy little kid all over again.

  26. En la intro estaban jugando sin fundas, casi me da un infarto.

  27. Oh god I can't watch so many unsleeved cards being used.
    Sure the content of this video is great and all but I just can't take it.

  28. Great documentary! but it might be time to make another? 🙂

  29. Magic has become a big part if my life I got to fnm evry week



  32. All I know about this game is that the girl who introduced me to weed, a neighbor in my first apt, would sit down to play it with me being as stoned as it gets, sitting there 😅 having no idea wtf to do… 😂

  33. I used to play Magic the Gathering and one rule for deck building was not to have only one of something

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