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Mah Jongg Card Game from Winning Moves Games

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The Mah Jongg Card Game lets fans of Mah Jongg play the popular game with cards instead of tiles. There are two ways to play: the modern American version or the Chinese version.

In the American version, the object is to go mah jongg by drawing and discarding cards until you have three sets of four identical cards and one pair. Once the dealer has dealt each player 13 cards (The dealer gets 14.), each player exchanges three cards with the player sitting on the right, then three cards with the player sitting opposite, then three cards with the player on the left. Then the dealer discards one card face up to start the game. Play passes to the right with each player, on their turn, drawing the top card of the draw pile, adding it to their hand, and discarding a card face up on the discard pile. Play continues until someone goes mah jongg. As soon as a player has three sets of four cards and a pair, he lays down his hand and shouts, “Mah Jongg!” That player “takes” points from the other players. Then the next round begins. Once each player has been the dealer, the game is over, and the player with the highest score wins. There are also rules for more advanced play.

The Chinese Mah Jongg version represents the original way to play the game. The goal of this version is to go mah jongg before anyone else. To do so, you may assemble any combination of card groups totaling 14 cards. Card groups can be three of a kind, four of a kind, three or four numerically sequential cards, and pairs. In this version, each player gets 13 cards, but players do not exchange cards. Play begins with the dealer drawing and discarding. Play continues to the right until someone goes mah jongg, yelling out “Mah Jongg” and laying down the cards. That player then scores points. (Scoring is more elaborate in the Chinese version so make sure you pay attention to the score chart.) Then the next round begins. Once each player has been the dealer, the game is over, and the player with the highest score wins.

Mah Jongg Card Game comes with 152 gold foil-edged cards, a score pad, a custom card tray, and illustrated instructions. It is for three to six players.


  1. Can you explain to me what the point system means why do we start with 650?

  2. they are missing the rules for when you form a late Kan (kong) and nothing about concealed points. they also spent 11 1/2 pages on american verison which is very hard to learn, and said to heck with the classic rules. still a good buy

  3. These cards, still the exact same box graphics including "gold edged" claim, is now produced under licence by Continuum games. No gold edge, thick cheap laminated card (not playing card stock), cards stick together and are unable to be shuffled, will show heavy wear withing a couple of plays. Really sh*t quality. I sleeved my in Sleeve Kings sleeves – now useable, durable and will look good for a long time. Want this set of beautiful cards? Buy sleeves and put them on straight away.

  4. Is there a way for two people to play? I have this exact set of cards, I bought them thinking I could play with one other person. Does anyone know how? Thank you.

  5. You can't play mahjong without discards being visable at all times. It fucks with strategy

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