Making the BEST PROXIES for Card Games! -

Making the BEST PROXIES for Card Games!

Dice vs Cards
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Hello and welcome, today’s video chronicles the fruits of many an hours labour, as we test and create the ultimate proxy for card games. We hope you enjoy!

See below for examples of the equipment I used throughout:
Inkjet Printer –
Thinner Glossy Photo Paper –
Thicker Glossy Photo Paper –
Matte Laminating Pouches –
Gloss Laminating Pouches –
Corner Puncher –

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  1. Are you planning on making a video of how to use your template, I have no experience with photoshop or gimp.😅(NVM: Figured out how to paste image into selection) Great Template!!!

  2. So I really want to use your method. I want proxy mtg cards. I will most likely sleeve with perfect fits if I craft the absolute perfect proxies and want to keep them prestine forever, then use dragon shield sleeves. If I feel they're durable enough and the process wasn't too time consuming/strenuous, then I may opt for no perfect fits and just the dragon shield sleeves :)That said, so with double side printing I would use…180 gsm double sided glossy photo paper and matte laminate pouches, correct? @10:40 – or did you mean glossy photo paper + matte dragon shield/other card sleeves?But how about doing only single sided printing? What paper would I use to get the same weight, thickness, feel, etc?Are these kinds of paper stock different from regular printer paper? Ultimately, do I need a special printer or will a standard home office printer work?P.S. Would you mind sharing your PSD template for the card layout? Or would the ANR template work for magic? Where do I find that?P.P.S. Here are my notes for your amazing video. Thank you again for the wisdom :)NOTESIDEAL Size & Thickness to be aiming for = 325 GSM 86 LBS1. Paper – color- pgp matte photo paper 230 gsm- psp matte photo paper 230 gsm- pgp glossy photo paper 300 gsm – slightly better than matte- double sided glossy photo paper 300 gsm 80lbs – slightly sticky for shuffling.Use Double sided GLOSSY Photo Paper from 180-220 gsm (47-59lbs)- 220 gsm – a bit too stiff- 180 gsm – 47lbs glossy paper in matte laminate sheets2. Laminating sheets- A4 Laminating pouches LMA4BAG- Fellowes Stylish Matt Laminating Pouches A4 216x303mm 80lbs thickness – 25 packUse MATTE Laminating Pouches – 3. Set up Printing Document- Photoshop – A4 Page @ 300 ppi- Space apart 9 cards in 1 sheet using these dimensions — 63x88mm – 2.48×3.46 in with 744×1039 px (300 ppi)- Double Sided printing using card backs — make backs slightly bigger (increase width by 20 pixels & height by 10 pixels)4. Print front face sheet then the card backs on back of sheet5. Let sheet sit under a book until ink is dried.6. Sleeve up in laminating pouch7. Laminate using machine – set machine to highest heat setting, let it preheat + wait a few extra minutes to make sure, feed the sheets through machine once then flip over and feed through again, then press under a large book again until laminate sheet is cooled down.8. Cut sheets9. Use corner puncher to round off edges10. Sleeve up in KMC + DragonShields.

  3. This was great, nice to see your process. I'm now a new subscriber, ignore the haters

  4. The best proxy is to take cards from monopoly or something, sleeve them with your new cards – done

  5. The dedication! I wanna print that game. 🙂

  6. Yoooo. Finally someone that didn't just print out a flimsy piece of paper and slapped it in a sleeve or glued it to another card. Finally someone that took the time to get that feel and texture down. Good shit mate

  7. I always loose lots of quality during setting fronts and backs. Perhaps i do something wrong. You should scale it in gimp in an exact way or use something else? Could you guide me how to prepare these cards right in case of scale and margins?

  8. Thank you for this video! I'm trying to make up a fan made set of cards for Star Wars Destiny. I found amazon basics laminating pouches that are 3 mils high, what weight of paper would you think I need to get the cards to the same thickness as the original FFG cards?

  9. Would a visit to MPC offer quality results?

  10. A man after my own heart. I've driven my loved ones mad with my constant experimenting with adhesion methods, finishes of photo paper, backing them onto different cardstock, even airbrushing polyurethane varnish onto them to get rid of that sticky finish. (currently my method is 150gsm glossy paper, backed with spray adhesive onto 150gsm cardstock, which I think gives them the closest to the flex feel I've gotten so far)

    I'd love to try out your method, I'll reply to this comment if I end up doing so!

  11. Bro, these look hella cool, I've been wanting to do this for magic until I buy the actually card. Would this work for mtg cards? I'd assume so but figured I'd ask. Awesome video as well. 😄

  12. Great video! I've always gotten the local printing shop to do up my proxies, but this video has reignited my dream of doing them myself. Question, what's the most efficient way to cut the cards? I used to use a steel ruler and a box cutter – gets a bit slow and I do make mistakes, sometimes.

  13. would have been real great if you would stack a 100 card stack side by side. 100 original MTG cards. 100 220gsm+lamination. 100 180gsm+lamination. thickness is a consideration when looking at deckboxes. Thank you for the great video. My friends dont understand my fascination to find the ultimate proxy method. By, do you use a Mini Rotary Rolling Paper Cutter/paper Trimmer for the cutting process? or you use an expensive dedicated docucutter machine?

  14. Do you have an estimate of cost per card? I know we would have to still get any equipment we don't have (I would need a laminator), but that cost would be helpful as, for example, NR cards are also available at makeplayingcards – I know this i also geared towards custom cards.

  15. Would be interested to know cost per card using this method

  16. Would you consider going this route? Have you found a better way to proxy? Please let me know!

  17. I stopped watching at 3 minutes, your intro drags on too long. Gonna go grab my sharpie which is probably better than any option you want to suggest.

    Edit. I just noticed I was subscribed, not any more.

  18. I like sticker paper over junk cards or ones I bought cheap because the backs never print right

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