Marine is interested in card games [Hololive] -

Marine is interested in card games [Hololive]

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Houshou Marine expresses interest in playing collectible card games.


@Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン

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  1. No one suggested shadowverse? It was really fun with Calli and Kiara.

  2. Despite VTubers playing shadowverse in Hololive and Nijisanji, Marine somehow didn't mention it at all? I hope she does find a card game she likes though.

  3. YuGiOh isn't complicated, not at all, i can't think of a single combo that requires an hour long video to explain. Can't think of a single complicated ruling.

  4. Baba in my first language means baby, so Baba Senchou makes a lot of sense.

  5. NEET card at the end faqing killed me. Laugh induced hernia 🤟☺️👍well played

  6. Here hoping they'll play duel master so there'll be an english translation for the game due to the popularity boost

  7. Marine wants to play card game? Is it ON MOTORCYCLE???

    Also Shabby, your card might be just level 1 without atk/def but it still can be used for Synchro/XYZ/Link play, in some way your card still have purpose, lol.

  8. if there was a irl version of your avatar it would be creed Bratton

  9. Black Magician Girl's design definitely still holds up today ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  10. Ah yes, Dark Magician Girl…. every man today, it was our first time feeling something towards an anime girl, a very good feeling. And yes, there's a whole lot of doujinshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    "What's MTG? Is that a meeting"
    That got me good. I was not expecting to hear that.

  11. Marine: "I want to play card game but it's too hard"
    Somewhere: "Care for a game of Gwent ?"

  12. Awww Shabby, your not a level 1 card.
    Being able to actually understand Japanese makes you at least level 2.

  13. Maybe they can get authorization for the ps1 Yu Gi Oh game, that was a classic game i still think about in my adulthood

  14. Interesting, they don’t seem to be able to play any of the Blizzard games. Which is strange because no matter what you think of ActiBlizz, they are usually pretty streamer friendly, so I wonder why that is.

  15. probably is for the better they got rejected from playing ActiBlizzard games
    still would love to see Senchou try to play & draft Card Games

  16. Hmm… IDK , 1 star normal monster cards are (was¿) pretty useful (in back days), can be easily special summon from other cards and be used for lot of things (tribute, synchro, Excced), im not sure now, i dont play more.

  17. I would love to see Marine playing MTG, even the Arena tutorial would be fine.

  18. Cant wait to see Marine doing 15 minutes dragon link combos

  19. They can probably get permission for Final Fantasy 8.

  20. They can probably do a partnership with shadowverse. They even had Fate Stay Night leaders as a promo. Imagine a hololive collab. Use Marine with a swordcraft pirate deck.

  21. No, you cant lie to me.
    Just because its lvl 1 atk/0/def/0 doesnt mean its useless and cant summon 5 part of exodia in whichsoever method afterward wwrrryyyy

  22. Why is it that they have to ask for permission first? Most streamers as far as I'm aware just stream whatever game they want to play. Is there some Japanese employee streaming laws in effect here?

  23. En got sponsored by shadowverse. Im sure they can get permission for that.

  24. So many Marisubs you spoil us!
    And thanks for the zoom in on her blinking, it's really cute.

  25. if exploding kittens was japanese translated that would get my vote
    it aint complicated but fun none the less

  26. It's weird how I got into Godfield because of Hololive

  27. Oh my God, imagine if Marine got really into MTG lore and just started talking about it on stream for hours at a time

    I'd be OK with that

  28. Aren't they always playing MTG??? At least that's what I see on Twitter :^)

  29. shabby subz card: this card makes my day happier

  30. Get her to play single player deck builders instead. It's another rabbit hole of it's own and she's already has one foot in there, seeing she plays a lot of indies.

  31. Don't worry Shabby I'll link summon you in the NEET monsters types.

  32. Shadowverse, Yu-Gi-Oh, or even adventure/RPG card game seems a good place to start.
    Marine: I activated my trap card
    Joey wheeler : *insert generic joey scream

  33. She can probally get a bunch of free cards form bushiroad since Holo has a working relationship with them. And suisei and miko was in cardfight.

  34. You’re a third rate Pirate with a fourth rate Cosplay!

  35. No matter when, Dark Magician Girl is always a top tier waifu

  36. I think my favorite part is that Marine got the reverse of MTG that Fubuki had when her manager put MTG on the calendar.

  37. Plays UNO
    Viewers : Yup sounds bout right

    Or just play Vanguard or some other Bushiroad tcg lmao, that game literally collabed with Hololive

  38. the ultimate trick to card games is to understand your deck structure or you can believe in the heart of the cards

  39. I am a big fan of Yugioh, the girls of Hololive have made many references to that franchise but I have always wondered if they know how to play it. At least the one on Steam called Duel Links which is easier and official.
    I guess getting permission from Konami is difficult.
    I'll keep waiting for the day one of them plays 🙁

  40. Trouble getting permission to play card games on stream? Valve would probably pay AND beg her to play Artifact.

  41. Wizards of the Coast has been doing a lot of influencer marketing for Magic lately. Cover's people should talk to their people!

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