Mariners vs. Blue Jays Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Mariners vs. Blue Jays Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Mariners vs. Blue Jays full game highlights from 10/7/22.

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  1. Imagine Rodriguez winning his first World Series in his rookie year lol

  2. WhyAreYouReadingThis SeriouslyStopReadingThis says:

    Reliever threw 103… they need him for the Astros

  3. Why do they drown out the crowd noise and increase the sound of the commentators? we want to feel the atmosphere

  4. I hope the Mariners have a postseason run like the 2014 Kansas City Royals. Ending a double digit postseason drought and go undefeated heading to the World Series!

  5. Why on MLB tv I can't watch the wild cards ?

  6. Marinero vs toronto⚾️🏏🇺🇲🇨🇦

  7. Time for Vladymto be moved to 6-7 in lineup, he has a hard time to handle the pressure, when you consistently swing at breaking balls a foot outside with players on base

  8. AZULEJOS BUEN JUEGO LAST NIGHT.more communication talk about the piching get involved in the game the hole game,how the pitcher is bringing it and how.Thats the game that always had been the game.Even a 10 minutes nap before the game helps,go get them.DALE AZULEJOS.

  9. As a Jays fan.. damn. GG. Castillo really buried us. I just have to hope that our offense wakes up today and puts up a fight against Robbie Ray. Let's make this a 3 game series!

  10. Where's Ryu to play a role in this special and important situation of the team? Don't be a burden to TBJ as the ACE.

  11. Thanks for letting the mariners use your “house” Vladdy

  12. Dodgers fan here, let's go Seattle mainers get that win one more time

  13. Castillo shoved! What a pick up to get him. Let's go!

  14. And just like that our season is on the line

  15. A weak and foolish performance by the blue jays!!!

  16. Horrible game unless you're a Castillo fan.

  17. Castillo tiró un juegazo 🔥 RD🇩🇴 representando bani 🥵

  18. comió lindo el traficante de butifarra, manoah


  20. Well, as a Blue Jays fan, I'll say this to the Mariners: If this continues and you move past us, I want you to win this whole damn thing.

  21. The highlights were the National Anthems. Terrible game, one man show for Seattle and Toronto didn't show up for the game.

  22. The funny part of all this is that the winner gets to be beaten by Houston a real team.

  23. I am surprised the Mariners got there self a shutout and if they get 1 more win they will advance to the next round by facing the New York Yankees.

  24. When we won the world series we were the best in every position the jays are a long way from a team like that

  25. Mariners will sweep, today, and move one. Jay's will have the winter off and move south!

  26. I've heard all year about how good the blue jays offense is and yet when it matters it's nowhere to be found

  27. yknow mariners haven't given up a run in the postseason in 21 years

  28. and julio has more hits that mike trout in the postseason

  29. Kelenic, Rodriguez, Haniger omg… the dream outfield ive always wanted. If only Kelenic had lived up to his hype…

  30. The Boo Jays do it again. NOTHING
    Over hyped bunch of punks.

  31. This guy Castillo is different. It’s more than the performance. He’s charismatic. His gaze and demeanor tells me he’s got a class. A lot of rich athletes are low in their private lives and conversations.

  32. I really think that these two teams have the only chance at beating Houston this post season.

  33. This is why I love the post season, because one at bat, one pitch can set the tone or make the difference in any game. I am pulling for the Jays and I watched the entire game and in my view, the first inning was where the Jays went wrong. The count was 0-2 and the next pitch should have been something low/outside, in either case, nowhere near the plate and nowhere near the batter. Instead he hits him and it all came crashing down from there. All I said when the series began was I hope the better team wins and yesterday the Mariners were by far the better club.

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