Mariners vs. Blue Jays Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Mariners vs. Blue Jays Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Mariners vs. Blue Jays full game highlights from 10/8/22

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  1. I just saw this on my tablet and I am hoping that George springer is going to be OK from the collision with one of his teammates that night.

  2. This might be one of the greatest games ever played right?

  3. Toronto management…pulling Gausman…was a bad idea. It's the managers fault.

  4. Name change…The Toronto Chokers….hahahahahahaha

  5. oh man!! I've been a Jays fan for 40 years and could not believe they blew a 7-run lead. But then again, you gotta love baseball… may we lick our wounds and try again…

  6. Gausman pitched a masterclass, Schneider shouldn’t have taken him out with 2 outs and a lead that big

  7. top of 6inning,the pitcher move, is the turning point

  8. And this is why you don't take a curtain call in the 4th inning

  9. I've said Seattle was gonna represent the AL in the WS for a few months now. I still think they will. Reminds me of my up and coming O's team! The future is bright for both squads

  10. A curtain call in the bottom of the 4th up only 4-0? The baseball gods were angered by that one

  11. Congratulations Mariners 🙌

    From a Giants fan.

  12. Why a curtain call with the score 4-0?! Why all the jacket gear for?! Arrogance!! Love the M’s came back and humbled these Blue Jays clowns!!

  13. What a Game when watching Teoscar celebrate like crazy in the 5th like he had won the game to seeing Vlad Jr & Alex M faces at the end has to feel Good for you Mariner Fans lol

  14. So this was 2 different games in one. 1st half Blue Jays won, 2nd half Mariners won, and the Jays bullpen blew it.

  15. I think most of the world is rooting for them to take out the Astros. Carry that momentum!

  16. Pulling Gausman – turning point of the game. Hindsight is 20/20, but I was ecstatic that he chose to do that before the reliever threw a single pitch! Gaus was still cookin to that point, IMO. Thanks for that decision, Schneider!!! 😀 GO M's!!!!

  17. No matter how the possibly final few games of the Mariners season goes, this season was amazing for Seattle. This city, this team, these players needed this. From “They win the season opener!” to “JULIOOOO Grand Slam!” to “The first run is the only run!” to “The drought is over!” to “Everybody’s going to score!”. Even though the odds say it’s very likely that we get swept, this has been a magical season for an organization that needed a magical season so bad.

  18. Petition for a Noob manager of the season award for John!

  19. Thanks for taking out Gausman gents. He was smacking us senseless.

  20. I am not really knowledgeable in baseball, so can someone please explain to me why they took out that pitcher gausman when he was balling, it seems like everything went downhill from there, i don't get it.

  21. LOL LOL LOL !! So fitting for the Jays….the childish home run jacket …So FITTING!! Time to grow up Jr. This is a mans game!!

  22. Nunca pero, nunca… Cambien un pecher, cuando esté haciendo su trabajo bien…!

  23. Gawd damn that's embarrassing for the blue Jay's what a comeback

  24. I randomly decided to watch this to see what was going on in the MLB playoffs. Glad I didn't skip to the end and look for game 3!

  25. us mariners fans still have this & can't nobody take it from us 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. As a Giants fan, this was probably the best game I've watched that didn't involve my team

  27. Baseballs wack why don’t u have a playoff picture like nba or nhl 😂 all those games shouldn’t be able. To end in two games that’s just wack asf

  28. 6:02 is terrible editing. No other sport does this but baseball. How do you just fast forward to the bases being loaded for the team down 8 – 1? There was so much other filler that should've been cut. Who is vetting these? Awful story telling.

  29. I was there in person and rooting for the mariners. After driving 8 hours at the bottom of the 6th inning we debated leaving but that’s when it started picking up. Def glad I stayed

  30. If Kevin Gaussman wasn’t out that blue jay would win but !!!

  31. Who's here after the mariners traded for Hernandez?

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