Marvel Snap | New Marvel Game Gameplay First Look! -

Marvel Snap | New Marvel Game Gameplay First Look!

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First look at the new Marvel Mobile card game, Marvel Snap.

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  1. I'm not enthusiastic. If they didn't take turns away I would have been.

  2. Awwww that's so disappointing why a card game

  3. Who plays these games? like what enjoyment do you get out of this? genuine question

  4. Every time I cross my fingers for a marvel hero’s omega game

  5. I'm not rich so I probably won't be able to play this

  6. Cards? Cards? Effin Cards ?. Nice animations and art style but HARD PASS. Back to Ultimate alliance I go✌🏾

  7. Sound like a whole bunch of bullshit to be honest. Marvel ultimate alliance and x-men legends is callin me.

  8. Think I’ll wait for marvel midnight suns that’ll be card game enough

  9. What’s with this card game obsession for Marvel? Goddamn.

  10. The past 4 years???Should have spent the time and resources on mua4

  11. Marvel is like the Thanos of our universe. Trying to shut destroy our enjoyment by pulling out shitty games like this lol

  12. Game looks more hype than hearthstone, can't wait!

  13. The amount of fake enthusiasm that guy summoned up at the start was extremely impressive. Top marks Ben, well done. Zero interest in the game, but still, give that guy a raise.

  14. Happy for those that enjoy these types of games, for me … yeah nah.

  15. Does feel like there is not much interaction, seems to play out more like an auto-battler than a true card game. They took out almost every aspect of most other card games to make it quick for mobile gaming. I'm not optimistic about it, even if what they say about cost to compete is how the game functionally plays.

  16. Marvel been really missing with their games lately

  17. Blah blah. Too much talking not enough gameplay.

  18. I'll give it a chance but im more excited for Midnight Suns.

  19. How many Spider-Verse cards we’ll be getting since I counted 4

    Scarlet Spider ( one of his suits )
    Miles Morales ( Anniversary suit that was shown in the trailer )

  20. I want a non mobile marvel game with the artstyle of the cinematic cutscene

  21. This looks terrible imo but I happy for those who will find enjoyment from this

  22. hope this game is not the 100 more heros annonced game one day before XD

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