Master Dater: A New Card Game & Animation Series! -

Master Dater: A New Card Game & Animation Series!

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Buckle in for a 30-day love adventure, right here on YouTube. Be the first to get Master Dater here:


  1. Remember when they were first teasing this with creepy images of a suicide bomber mime?
    Good times…

  2. Sounds like a cross between apples to apples and bears vs baby's. Nice

  3. If only I had friends to play card games with. 😭

  4. Those who like yellow, raise your hands👍

  5. basically the SIMS simulation game MADE INTO A CARD GAME

  6. It’s all the fun in dating, none of the awkward silences!

  7. Turn on cc an go to 2:21 .

    I mean yeah thats the thing for us singles.

  8. ok im convinced.
    first joking hazard, then trial by trolley and now master dater. you guys clearly have the whole card game thing in the bag

  9. If you have Jesus do you also have the prophet Mohammed?

  10. you made me think a mime was going to blow up an orphanage for this

  11. Bring back the Comic Classics, Monday Mashups and Compilations!

  12. Can we get this as an app eventually kinda like evil apples I don't really have anyone to play this game with

  13. How do the winner cards get distributed? Is it the judge’s decision?
    What stops a team up from other players preventing you from getting the one card you need?

  14. I wish there was also mobile version of this game like exploding kittens so i could play anywhere with strangers because i don't have friends that would play this with me

  15. Wish there were online versions as I play more online than with actual cards

  16. Are friends to play this with included in the package?

  17. Thanks to this game I can master date 5x a day. Thank you C&H.

  18. Vote out the genie doctor. Giving STDs to someone ain't cool.

  19. The rules are very convoluted and confusing. And I have your other two card games. I might have to pass on this one.

  20. I would like an online version… covid is fucking up social gatherings for me.

  21. Oby szybko było tłumaczenie na Polski 🙏

  22. Could see this being a good game for starting improv skills, actually it sounds mandatory for the game

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