Maths Card Games: Complements of 10 Memory -

Maths Card Games: Complements of 10 Memory

Oliver Lovell
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Quickly recognising the complements of 10 (2 and 8, 7 and 3, 6 and 4, etc) is an imperative skill for students addition and subtraction abilities and is a key element of part-part-whole understanding (students recognising that numbers are made up of other numbers!). I developed this game by making a simple change to the age old ‘memory’ game that I used to play with cards as a kid. (ps: Another game to easily be modified to work with complements of 10 is the game of ‘snap’. Depends on how much you value your cards though as this game will definitely reduce their longevity).

For more on this and other maths card games (including a worksheet to go with it), see here: …icative-thinking/

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