Maths Card Games: Stop or Dare (Addition strategies) -

Maths Card Games: Stop or Dare (Addition strategies)

Oliver Lovell
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This game builds on part-part-whole understanding and place value understanding (e.g., to add a 10 we just increase the number in the 10s column by 1) to help build students’ addition strategies. I can’t claim this game, I came across it through the people behind MrMooreMaths on youtube. This was one of the students’ faves and, as I mention in the video, it can be made more complex by subtracting or adding, or even adding or subtracting doubles to or from 200 (could do triples or quadruples too, the possibilities are endless).

For more on this and other maths card games (including a worksheet to go with it), see here: …icative-thinking/

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