Milwaukee Brewers vs. Washington Nationals Highlights | NL Wild Card Game | October 1, 2019 -

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Washington Nationals Highlights | NL Wild Card Game | October 1, 2019

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National League Wild Card game highlights between the Milwaukee Brewers & Washington Nationals. Brandon Woodruff gets the start for the Brewers and faces off against Max Scherzer.
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  1. Ugh shitty call of Counsel to put Harder when Pomerantz was doing fine if that put Jordan Lyles in for multiple innings . Then maybe Hader for a inning . Milwaukee Brewers beat the Brewers no excuses . Congrats the Nationals World series win they deserve it . That team turned it up and were more hungry . Shame on Counsel pulling another bullshit play on Brewers . So close and yet so far lol .

  2. my gosh Ryan Braun still so hot after those steroids gone.

  3. Imagine if the Brewers came back to win after Soto let himself get tagged out…
    Glad the Nats won though!

  4. Okay, ca🤣🤣🤣🤣n we please make a meme for the thumbnail

  5. 2019 Washington Nationals: a picture of resiliency.

  6. Mad Max looks like he’s taking an aggressive shit in the thumbnail.

  7. Who else in the beginning the nationals would lose the WC.

  8. Watching Thames rocket that homer & loving the fact he will be wearing a NATS uniform this season!

  9. I cried 15 times before soto's hit! (No joke!)

  10. 16:38 Ohhh dear, someone let the team down. Didn't they tell you in little league, to get in front of the ball?

  11. That broken bat bloop single by Zim in the 8th

  12. I (Dodgers fan) attended this game. This was without question the best game I've watched in person.

  13. You couldn't make this bizzar playoff run to the W.S . up if you tried. Lost their best player to free agency, still made playoffs, got lucky a right fielder miss plays a single, makes it to W.S. , loses all their home games in the series, yet Still manages to win W.S. Bizzar with a capital B.

  14. I mean for Scherzer not having his best stuff he still did a good job to keep the game close

  15. Is it me or should Ernie Johnson stick to basketball?

  16. Game Recap:
    0:58: Yasmani Grandal 2 Run Home Run (2-0 Brewers)
    3:12: Eric Thames Solo Home Run (3-0 Brewers)
    5:50: Trea Turner Solo Home Run (3-1 Brewers)
    16:34: Juan Soto 3 Run Double (4-3 Nationals)

  17. 15:18 – Wow… I have seen many close calls through Instant Replay, but I have NEVER seen that before. They have Slo-Mo Footage like that so you can get the call right even if it's the smallest detail. But that hit the bat and his arm at the same time. I can't believe that. That will never happen again. If it does, it will never be that close. It literally hit both the bat and the batter at the same time. Wow… That's just how amazing the Nationals run last year really was…

  18. Game Information:
    (8:08PM, TBS)
    Announcers: Ernie Johnson Jr, Ron Darling, Jeff Francoeur and Lauren Shehadi
    Jersey Colors: Brewers: NAVY, Nationals: WHITE

  19. Wow! From barely winning a Wild card game to Champions.

  20. Line drive BASE HIT TO RIGHT

  21. And guess what happens Brewers fans. You still can't win a playoff game

  22. Let's be real, this isn't your first time watching this

  23. Just imagine that if Yelich played then the Brewers wouldve won. In My Opinion. He would made that catch and wouldve thrown him out at home.

  24. they honestly thought at 8:53 that was a strike?? 😂😂 it was clearly a ball 😂

  25. Man, the Brewers broke that team up good. Grisham went to the Padres, Moustakas went to the Reds, Thames went to the Nats, Grandal went to the White Sox…

  26. aug 2020 i’m still relieving this shit let’s fucking go

  27. I just love how the crowd is so quiet, then it just explodes!

  28. The pointless carpenter lily permit because shoe delightfully suit until a ready text. belligerent, ashamed spring

  29. shades of 1924 miracle for Washington Senators

  30. This game was just a sliver of what Strasburg had in store for us mere mortals this postseason.

  31. 15:51 how about Zimmerman saving the post season for the franchise and being the first Washington National to hit a home run in the World Series? Great stuff. Almost like the universe of baseball is scripted sometimes but why we love the game.

  32. Anyone with eyes watching that replay… It CLEARLY hit the bat first, didn't you see his arm move because of it? Wow. I was surprised about that call. And that run was big too…

  33. Why am I arguing with these stupid people on utube says:

    Soto liability no doubt

    Just kidding only in the field top hitter in the sport. Why would he be a liability when people like Nelson cruz are notoriously bad in the outfield but good hitters.

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