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Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees Highlights | 2017 AL Wild Card Game

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  1. Anyone else think Buxton’s catch was a little extra?

  2. Yankees had better bring their "A" game in 2019 or they are not going to have to worry about losing to Houston. It will be the Twins losing to Houston lol.

  3. Who’s here in 2019 before the ALDS? The Yankees will sweep the Twins!

  4. Anyone else pull up here after the sweep?????

  5. Its so curious that the minnesota twins always make it to the postseason but they brake their and dont proceed forward….im glad i dont live in minnesota cause the twins are a disgrace..just my opinion

  6. Thankful for all you’ve done for the team, love you Sir Didi.

  7. I was at this game. Maybe the best game I’ve seen live. Didi’s home run was a magical moment.

  8. Despite winning 101 and 103 games in 2018 and 2019 after winning 91 in 2017, the 2017 Yankees were the best of the bunch

  9. "The YANKEES win."
    "The YANKEES win."
    "The YANKEES win."

    We poppin hot.
    FREE artist: Foreal Pat

  10. Chapman striking out the side all with 103 MPH

  11. guy at 1:28 is probably the fakest fan who brought his girl out for a date

  12. I’m surprised how far the Yankees went in 2017

  13. 5:50 David Robertson’s reaction after Brian Dozier hit one straight into Gary Sanchez’s nuts

  14. The Yankees 2017 playoff might be the greatest/fun playoff run in Yankees playoffs history

  15. Give up 3 runs top 1….just to come back in the bottom….yankees you are savages!! Didi is such a beast

  16. Yankees just keep getting big home runs against the Twinkies in the postseason

    2009 Arod off Joe Nathan
    2004 Ruben Sierra off Juan Rincon
    2010 Mark Teixiera off Jesse Crain
    2019 Didi Gregorious off Tyler Duffy

  17. Wish Boone was still an announcer and not a shit manager

  18. One thing I never noticed, first one to give Sevy a pat on the ass while Giradi was coming to yank him? Didi.
    Don't worry bro, I'll get you out of this. 3 run hr the next half inning. That's a good teammate. Miss his leadership right now

  19. 3 years later wishing Girardi was still in charge. His move of taking out Sevy was huge

  20. I was at this game. I can’t have anymore respect for the Twins. They played a great game and had me scared. Let’s go take on these Indians!

  21. This had to be the year but than we played against the cheating astros

  22. hey I was at that game and so was zack hample

  23. The game where I realized severino is not a postseason pitcher. He’s been terrible.

  24. I was at that game it still gives me chills

  25. Wow, how time flies, the Yankees are absolute garbage rn in 2021. So sad.

    This 2017 team with Girardi was way better than any team with Boone. And that was with Houston cheating!

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  27. This tiny ass field haha. Most of the home runs would of hit the walls or even the warning track haha

  28. Buxton didnt even need to jump to male that catch 😂 i hate when people
    Do that to make themselves look better 😂

  29. dat 2017 playoof run was fun till the astros cheated & fucc everything up

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