MLB | 2018 AL Wild Card Game Highlights (OAK vs NYY) -

MLB | 2018 AL Wild Card Game Highlights (OAK vs NYY)

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The 2018 American League Wild Card Game.
New York Yankees 7, Oakland Athletics 2

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  1. to bad that baseball play-offs are not shared with everyone that loves the games and caters only to the night time fans, when it should be played at 1 '00 pm during the week to give us all a chance to enjoy.

  2. Oakland got their asses smashed… Go yankees

  3. We want boston 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol we kick ur ASS

  4. Sevy being clutch with pitching, Stanton's first postseason home run , Voit triple , and who can forget ……..ALL RISE HERE COMES THE JUDGE CASE CLOSED.

  5. Did all this to get blown down by the Red Sox 😂😂😂

  6. The team that orginally drafted Judge ends up getting fucked by him.

  7. The next Yankee Dynasty starts this year.

  8. Were almost there. Another great summer if Yankee baseball. #28

  9. First and only time lucroy with block somethin

  10. Dennis Eckersly as soon as Judgey hit that 1st inning bomb: AWWW. Real objective commentator

  11. I hope they get everyone back real soon so they can bury the division and win it all

  12. Zack Hample was at this game and caught his 500th 2018 ball on a home run from Gary Sanchez in batting practice before the game.

  13. We need Severino back ready for postseason mode

  14. 2019 Yankeessss will prevail by any means necessary

  15. This game was over in the first inning. That crowd is INSANE.

  16. 2:27 voit thinks it’s a dinger and hits the wall lolololol

  17. This was an awesome game to watch. Great memories, even though we ended up losing to the Red Sox

  18. 2019 postseason will be different and better.

  19. Good to see andrew mccutchen win a game in the playoffs. Pirates did him dirty.

  20. Stanton home run was just a monstrosity jesus

  21. 48 dislikes. Must be Mets/Red Sox/any other team fans.

  22. This is why you don’t start a reliever against a team with one of the most powerful teams.

  23. That's what we do. W

    I said it before, and I will say one more time.
    Vote for US.
    FREE artist: Foreal Patrick

  24. Yankees fan here and I say that Trivino definitely should have started

  25. Rodney literally said that after he saw the way Judge crushed that ball he knew the game was over lmao

  26. Sucks being an Oakland fan sometimes. We literally have like no money to get high end free agents and we just cannot get past the WC game or the Yankees for that matter.

  27. The hell the A's bullpen went through during that game was classic. The zoo was ELECTRIC that night

  28. that noise from yankee stadium in the beginning was insane sounded like they were in a World Series game.

  29. So this is what good Yankees baseball looks like. Sorry, I forgot after watching them play the Rays

  30. when you’re in a one game series with the Yankees. You’re gonna lose it
    -Astros fan

  31. oakland was in every AL wildcard game this decade lol

  32. I’m watching this after the Yankees lost in 2021

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