MLB | 2018 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (COL vs CHC) -

MLB | 2018 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (COL vs CHC)

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The 2018 National League Wild Card Game.
Colorado Rockies 2, Chicago Cubs 1

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  1. Not that it matters in any way, but that double play call in the top of the 8th was definitely wrong. Butera should've been called safe after the challenge.

  2. I am a Cubs fan but my mom's coworker has a son that is on the Mets so I want them to win

  3. So sad, cubs really suck for this lmaoooooooo how was the Rockies guy out at 2nd??? And that Poot catcher lmao

  4. These commentators are so biased. They may as well put on a Rockies uniforms while announcing the game.

  5. I’m a cubs fan. And I HATE to see my cubbies not going to the playoffs. But the Rockies are really underrated so I’m gonna be rotting for them

  6. That ivy rule is BS. By the time the ball actually hit the ivy Blackmon was at 3rd base

  7. Our offense has been horrendous the last couple months. It might have had something to do with having almost no off days in the second half but really this game just expresses our entire season

  8. This game shows one problem, the umps and MLB were being biased towards the cubs. This seems like it was just so the cubs could make the playoffs so mlb would make more money because more people would have been watching and rooting for the Cubs because they’re more well known and because they broke a curse by winning the World Series that one time. In other words, the cubs deserved to lose, and mlb tries to rig the games so the popular teams that bring in more money will win.

  9. 7:43
    personal foul: roughing the passer
    offense number 9
    15 yard penalty
    first down

  10. Good for the Rockies and all, but I am just more glad the Cubs lost. I hate the cubs so much and their play style. Especially Contreras, he's literally pimping walks and bat flipping on them. Their offense just shut down in the second half and they kept getting lucky and lucky until they finally fell apart and lost the tiebreaker and WC game.

  11. At 6:12 when gore stole second, the pitch that javy got could have been crushed if the runner was not stealing

  12. As a Cubs fan…nope i got nothing. We honestly got so many breaks from the umps and had so many opportunities to win. 2 runs in 22 innings is just embarrassing. Hope they get better in 2019

  13. I was so happy to see the Rox take it but the lack of discipline by so many players drove me crazy

  14. Moot point: Butera was SAFE! What’s the point of replay if they get easy calls wrong! 6:00

  15. I guess it was just time to put our cold bats to bed that night.

  16. contreras bat flipping on a walk is still fucking hilarious

  17. Wow these wild card games have been unbelievable.

  18. Wollers named to the Holy Order of James Loney as my personal hero!!!! What a great night of baseball!!!!!!!

  19. 1 year later these two teams got eliminated from the playoffs

  20. Now imagine if the Cubs really blew it against Cleveland. The memes would be brutal.

  21. The best feeling is taking wins from big teams 😁💜

  22. Umps were terrible this game. I wonder how much money they put on this game.

  23. Ah, the start of the next miserable cubs drought

  24. Joe Buck take notes on how Matt vasgersian commentates I’ll watch him all day

  25. What's worse… Jason Heyward's hitting or A. Rod's announcing? Geees

  26. Best Rockies game in the last 5 years as a Rox fan. We goin back to the playoffs this year baby!!!!

  27. Am I the only one that hates Matt V’s voice

  28. Yeah why have instant replay if you're still going to make the wrong call. Dude was CLEARLY safe on that double play ball. Every angle shows him safe. Call on the field- out, call after review and seeing he's safe- out. Wtf?

  29. Typical Cubs, no wonder they havent won a World Series since 1908. The Billy Goat Curse continues. sigh

  30. As a Cubs fan, this goes down in history as one of the most pathetic games I have ever watched.

  31. After seeing everyone get traded yesterday by the cubs….I come back to this game as the tipping point that changed our core and organization

  32. You can tell the umps and announcers wanted the Cubs to win

  33. The last time the Rockies won a playoff game

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