MLB | 2019 AL Wild Card Game Highlights (TB vs OAK) -

MLB | 2019 AL Wild Card Game Highlights (TB vs OAK)

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The 2019 American League Wild Card Game.
Tampa Bay Rays 5, Oakland Athletics 1

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  1. A's should've started Fiers. Sean was not fully back to form yet.

  2. Didn't this feel like it was EXACTLY the same feel of game 7 of the 2017 World Series? Charley Morton didn't start the game but he pretty much was untouchable other than one run and got the win. It even had the exact same score. 5-1. The road team won with some solid defense behind a pitcher who gave up a lot of hits.

    The Rays earned a shot at Houston.

  3. nice. I’m 2 for 2. I predicted the Nats and the Rays would win. Now just have to hope Minnesota beats NY and Atlanta beats St Louis lol

  4. Yup, small ball is way more fun to watch. This was a boring game.

  5. And the A's lost all of their three wild card games… 2014 KC, 2018 NYY, 2019 TB

  6. Twins more than likely will beat Yankees and if the rays wanna beat the Astros they have to be perfect

  7. that pitching and defence is a recipe for success for tampa

  8. Great game. But seriously hope A-rod does not get into the hall of fame.

  9. Haven’t won a winner take all game in the 9 years they made it to the playoffs 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. In the thumbnail you accidentally put NL Wild Card Game instead of AL

  11. Jeez were any rays fans at that game bc there was literally no one cheering when the rays won. (I know it was at Oakland)

  12. This just sounded like mlb the show in real life with matty v

  13. Wtf happened to Khris Davis this year? He was terrible

  14. We’re all in the endgame now…

  15. Where’s everyone who said “a’s are gonna upset the Astros!!1!!!1” they thought this game was gonna be a cakewalk

  16. Title should be Tampa Bay Rays highlights.

  17. Congrats, Rays. You beat the A's at their own game. You're the true Moneyball team now.

  18. Even former Astros pitchers are shutting down the A’s

  19. Correct if I'm wrong I'm not from America so it is first the wild card then division series then championship series then it is the world series

  20. Can u not show a picture of the winning team in ur thumbnail, I want to have a surprise and don’t want to know who will win

  21. Tampa Bay gonna Best Houston in 4 games you heard it here first

  22. Just happy to see that Mt davis was open and filled to the brim. Not common that the section is open for a baseball game

  23. Congratulations to Charlie Morton. I hated that the Astros let him slip away. He was my favorite pitcher on the team. Oh well that's the business.

  24. even though I saw the game I just wanted to see exe-edits video because he is just that good

  25. They should have Matt Vasgerian as the play by play person every year for one of the wild card games.

  26. You may have heard “ let’s get em next year!” From A’s fans, I’m fed up with that shit too but I’m actually excited for next year because of all the young talent such as Sean Murphy, Seth brown, and some others…. All I want is at least an ALDS matchup for GOD SAKE!

  27. The athletics just need to win the division

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