MLB | 2019 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (MIL vs WSH) -

MLB | 2019 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (MIL vs WSH)

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The 2019 National League Wild Card Game.
Washington Nationals 4, Milwaukee Brewers 3

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  1. Love your vids man! I always look for them when I'm tryna see MLB highlights 👌🏽

  2. Fue un gran error..pero fue un juegazo..
    Ni modo…así es el baseball

  3. I only care how my bracket predictions turn out

  4. The radio call at 5:57 is already legendary. 106.7 never disappoints. They turned the Nats 7 run walkoff against the Mets from a memorable moment to a signature moment in all of Nats history with their call.

  5. This is what happens when u don’t fucking add on

  6. Baseball players, can you please stop touching your junk every 5 minutes? Thanks.

  7. Very good game…
    Congrats to D.C. fans…
    But Dodgers threw last year's World series to buy out Boston business man frank McCourt..
    He is no longer part owner of dodger Stadium parking lots…
    Good riddance….

    Dodgers generate alot of runs from all angles…
    Tough to beat but anything can happen lol
    Go Dodgers

  8. What did Yogi say when you're out of a game and down to you're last 3 strikes?!

  9. They should have had Bryce Harper do the first pitch

  10. That's what happens when you dont get in front of the damn ball while fielding it.

  11. The baby shark of the team helped them advance to the NLDS

  12. Enjoy it while it last nationals the Dodgers will destroy them

  13. 😒 The Nats will not get past LA. Sorry to say it. lol

  14. Sobering numbers for Nats fans to consider: Matt Scherzer went 7-0 with a 0.70 ERA and 64 IP in nine starts before injuring his back. He gave up just three home runs during that span. Since coming of the IL (twice), he's 2-2 with a 4.88 ERA and 43 IP in nine starts. He's given up eleven home runs during that span. Strasburg has been fantastic in the postseason (0.41 ERA in four games) but the Nets need their big three to step up big-time against the Dodgers. And they won't have the luxury of using Strasburg in relief.

  15. I was at this game, it was loud! As a fan I like a sellout crowd that is loud!

  16. Washington just won the WS tonight, and the catalyst was Grisham's gaffe.

  17. I just started to relook all of that after Nats WIn the World Series!!!

  18. Coming back to this after the World Series, it's crazy to think the Nats got to and won the World Series due to an error by the Brewers. If he had fielded that correctly, the Nats would've tied and they maybe could've won still, but it would've been anyone's game. The error is what got them into the post season, apart from being a great team

  19. I was at the game. Probably the greatest baseball game I have ever been to. This was the moment I knew we were going to win the World Series.

  20. Milwaukee Brewers 2010's Decade Recap
    2010-2014: MIRRED IN MEDIOCRITY.
    Regular Season: 412-398.
    Postseason: 5-6.
    Overall: 417-404.

    Regular Season: 141-183.

    Regular Season: 271-216.
    Postseason: 6-4.
    Overall: 277-220.

  21. I remember when I heard "LA Bound" I started thinking about how good the Dodgers are and lowkey felt like LAD was going to beat them. I loved 2017 Postseason/World Series until I found out Houston cheated. 2019 for sure is my favorite now. Especially National's journey

  22. The three runs the Brewers got in this game we’re form guys that are no longer on the team

  23. The problem with being 4 foot 10 is that you can’t see the play once everyone in front of you is jumping up and down

  24. Ahhhh, I love watching the brewers lose almost as much as I enjoy the cards losing.

  25. If this were 50 years ago in 1969 we would be watching The Seattle Pilots vs. The Montreal Expos.

  26. People act like if dude hadn’t tanked the play in right field, the Brewers would have automatically won. 2 runs would’ve scored anyway to tie it as Stevenson on 2nd is a fast runner. The Nats would have had 1 and 3rd with 2 outs with the score tied at 3.

  27. You can literally hear nats park saying “NOOO” every brewers home run

  28. This mostly likely have been the last ever NL WILD CARD GAME.

  29. Crazy to think how much that one inning changed the whole postseason. If the Brewers had held on, they probably would've lost to the Dodgers (the Nats only beat them because of their incredible rotation). That would've had the Dodgers against the Cardinals with the Dodgers (probably) winning which would've set up another Dodgers-Astros WS.

  30. Brewers really got fucked when they released Grisham after this, the dude made one awful play, didn’t even let him get used to the league. Now he’s one of the top 10 centerfielders in the league rn IMO.

  31. Ryan Zimmerman’s single in the bottom of the 8th helped the Nationals win the game

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