MLB Playoffs: Yankees, Red Sox to face off in AL Wild Card game [Full Playoff Picture] CBS Sports HQ -

MLB Playoffs: Yankees, Red Sox to face off in AL Wild Card game [Full Playoff Picture] CBS Sports HQ

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Former Marlins president David Samson joins CBS Sports HQ to discuss the final day of the MLB season and what the playoff matchups look like.

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  1. this is the time of year when I really appreciate MLB Radio on XM; every other sports talk show could not make it more clear that they'd rather talk about anything other than baseball. They spent the absolute bare minimum on the playoff games and as quickly as possible get into long discussions of how good Auburn's team is, or what the Steelers are up to, or trivia about someone in the NBA. They can't STAND baseball and make it very, very obvious that they resent having to talk about it at all.

  2. Needs to by wins for seeding. Braves have what, 85 wins or something lol

  3. As a New York Yankees fan im ready for us to end the Red Sox season on Tuesday

  4. Let's go Sox w.e. happened in the regular season doesn't matter, it all comes down on Tuesday Let's get this big W and move on.

  5. Look at the two rosters. The Yankees have to win. Much more talent, it doesn't make any sense for Boston to play in the main playoffs over us.

  6. yankees winning on tuesday that bullpen is crazy good.

  7. The playoff format is ridiculous. We should look to NBA and just seed by Winning% in each League. And how about a 7 team format where League winner gets a First round bye like in NFL (2 plays 7, 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5) Or you could have 6 and 7 do a play-in WC game for 6th seed… and perhaps could consider a 3 game series for WC while the other teams get a little rest.

  8. My World Series Prediction, Giants beat the Rays in game 6.

  9. The Yankees need to maximize their offensive output, whilst simultaneously minimizing the Bosox's offensive opportunities. If they do, things should work out fine.

  10. Yankees will advance… Red Sox just got swept days ago

  11. Should have been the Toronto Blue Jays. The most exciting team in baseball.

  12. Sticky Cole better not be cheating tomorrow. Same goes for the rest of the yankees. The whistle-blowing they were doing a month ago is still fresh in everybody's minds.

  13. the yankees and red sox deserve to be here.

    They are more clutch than the Jays who had gaudy stats but lacked clutch gene.

    NYY and BOS know how to win. TOR does not.

    The Yankees and Red Sox are not in decline. Jays may be young, but they aren't better.

    Veterans on New York and Boston just have IT. Toronto does not.

  14. It's time for the MLB playoffs, which also means it's time to ripoff the fans with ticket prices. I see tickets for the Boston, Yankee game today are $164, but why? It's just a baseball game. Because it's a playoff game justifies the large increase in prices? Thanks, but no thanks. The greed is overwhelming and is the main reason I haven't attending a game in 20 years. TV is the best option, but even that has changed. Many sports are only on cable. Cable companies love having exclusive rights to a game. It just cheats the people who are on a strict budget.

  15. WOW This Is A Match Up Go Yankees Go Red Sox. Stay Proud Win Or Lose ITS BEEN FUN AND ENTERTAINING BASEBALL #1 !!!

  16. RED SOX DOMINATED! We’re on to Tampa. Yankees going home. Yankees fuckin stink. I thought they were better than this.

  17. Playing every game to win especially when your losing badly is crucial to building a culture of winning. He built a culture of quit. His reasoning is always about the next game. not the one in the moment. Even if he uncharacteristically flips the switch in this player take all game, their use to giving up in the mist of his rally killing moves. Boon has got to go. There are no players at any cost who can weather his miss directioning of resourses. Bad jockeys don't win with even great horses. Great soldiers don't win under poor leadership.

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