Monstarrior New Play to Earn Card Game (Tagalog) -

Monstarrior New Play to Earn Card Game (Tagalog)

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Monstarrior New Play to Earn Card Game (Tagalog)

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Time stamp
0:00 – 0:38 Disclaimer
0:38 – 0:45 Monstarrior NFT
0:46 – 1:33 How to Earn in Monstarrior ?
1:34 – 1:56 How to Join in Clan in Monstarrior ?
1:57 – 2:05 Monstarrior Transform and Upgrade Card
2:06 – 2:40 Monstarrior Presale 1.0
2:41 – 3:21 How to Whitelist in Presale 1.0 in Monstarrior
3:22 – 4:45 Monstarrior NFT Card Price
4:46 – 5:02 Monstarrior is Available in Android Phone and IOS


  1. I like this game. I think I can make money from here. I bought 4 packs in this presale already

  2. Oh woa thanks for sharing. I have filled in the whitelist form too.

  3. Wala pa masyado laman ung whitepaper nya pero mag ppresale na

  4. Clan vs clan meron sya nakita ko sa whitepaper

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