Monte Carlo Simulation with Card Games -

Monte Carlo Simulation with Card Games

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What is Monte Carlo Simulation? How to use it to find answers to the difficult questions? I’ll explain everything with card games!
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  1. Thanks a lot. Your way of explaining was amazing 👍

  2. Thank you, I understand the main subject but couldn’t really understand the codes. I’ll try by my own.

  3. first time I actually understood Monte carlo simulation. Thanks for the video

  4. Hello thank you for your video. But I do not know what does 49P4 mean in 1:54. Could you help me explain this?

  5. Monte Carlo simulations are such a natural way to solve hard problems. It requires many fewer brain cells. And with the insane speed of CPUs (cheap computations) available today why would I pull out my old textbook on probability theory?

  6. in 1.44 how does it become 49 positions?i thought it was supposed to be 48

  7. My brain exploded when you've said "easy, right?" 🤯

  8. Hold on, so was the last Monte Carlo simulation inaccurate? I didn’t understand your point about that. There’s no way the true probability of that event was ~73%.

  9. first time I understand clearly what MC is lol thank you !

  10. Really great explanation and motivation why using Monto Carlo. Thanks

  11. Nice one! Also, a trivia: the Monte Carlo method was invented in the context of simulating card games (solitaire) in the computer. It's cool to see the method being used for playing cards!

  12. Great video! I really liked it. I subscribe for more content!

  13. This is awfully similar to 3Blue1Brown videos, the animations and the colors used…

  14. Great video! Can you cover Markov Chain Monte Carlo as well in a future video?

  15. The bell sound in the beginning is way too loud for my taste 🙂

  16. Hwy. I loved this video, do you have a GitHub where I could look at the full code? Thank you so much in advance.

  17. Hi do you have the link for the python code notebook? Thanks 🙂

  18. Best Monte Carlos video on youtube!!

  19. May I ask which tool do you use to make this moving x,y space/graph? Thanks in advance.

  20. where can i find the whole python code please?

  21. "True random can only be found in nature": I'm thinking to the Creator that randomness is pseudo-random.

  22. you saved my life 🙂 ıt is amazing explanation

  23. make a game… how much of the viewers have stoped to calculate it by their own? I would say 2

  24. Best definition of monte-carlo method imo is: instead of predicting, let it happen

  25. bro from where you are in india. Great lecture keep it up

  26. i didn't understand how you shuffled the deck with random data points if you can't obtain randomness?

  27. Hi! I absolutely loved the approach to them probelm and how easy you made Monte Carlo for me. Could you explain the KingKing algorithm you made please?

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