MORPH is the Best Card in the Game. -

MORPH is the Best Card in the Game.

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Code: # (1) Sunspot
# (2) Swarm
# (2) Colleen Wing
# (2) Lizard
# (3) Morph
# (3) Mister Fantastic
# (3) Moon Knight
# (4) Shang-Chi
# (5) Iron Man
# (5) Aero
# (5) Stature
# (5) Black Bolt
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  1. Your Portuguese… cringe 😬

  2. Imagina se todo mundo aqui é BR e tamo só gastando o inglês a toa kkkkkkkkkk

  3. This deck looks fun enough that I kind of want to unpin Thanos for Stature. Is that weird? 😂

  4. Next you'll say Baron Mordo is great, which he is, but whatever

  5. Mogwai, i want to see you play bounce decks 😀

  6. Is the Morph explanation exactly the same as previous video??

  7. 12:36 why the hell didn’t he play Zero left? He didn’t even try to contest 2 lanes… like wtf?

  8. Man I've been seeing a lot of Morphs today and was wondering why. Thank you for making this deck people playing Morph against gives me that dopamine hit I look for when playing this game. Idk why they do it to themselves

  9. mog mandou um "Puta q pariu", que sensacional

  10. Eu tenho um carro e uma bola foi do caralho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Just pulled black bolt recently, so I’d love to try out a list like this! No stature though icryeverytime

  12. The reason I play this game as well rng and marvel combine
    Thanks morph

  13. i literally made a morph deck this morning and went like +40 cubes in 90 mins

  14. Morph is great right now with all the super greedy decks with high energy units! However, if you get the feeling your opponent isn't running one of those decks he isn't the best

  15. Will you be getting KANG THE CONQUEROR?

  16. finally showcasing the character that u have on the poster on your wall behind ur back 👊🏻

  17. Mogwai ends deck discussion two minutes into the video.
    Me: who is this imposter and is the real Mogwai ok?

  18. I was playing discard today and had someone morph my hand and they hit my modok and it discarded 3 key cards it was amazing

  19. Still the best and most original deck creator in the game

  20. Aero is just aero but the morph can be anything! It can even be an Aero!

  21. am waiting for watch the KANG power form you and IT just only form you 😝😝

  22. TBH so many cards are underrated. Meta-slaving is really strong in this game.

  23. Morph is a fantastic card, but I think mine is bugged—it only copies the opponent’s worst card.

  24. What’s a good morph deck that isn’t stature related

  25. As a guy who recently got the pixel morph variant, I have been in need of a morph deck to get my morph inkified. Thank you for the deck even though I don’t have stature

  26. 26:58 Nekto is a good example of why being infinite rank means absolutely nothing.

  27. Mogwai falando "eu tenho um carro e uma bola" e depois "puta que pariu" foi hilário e um dos pontos altos da produção de conteúdo no canal.

  28. Akakaka falou espanhol e português brabo de mais

  29. Forget the Morph high rolls, I just wish I could get Wing and Swarm in the same game…

  30. Mogwai I've been playing morph for a few seasons now, please stop making videos showcasing him I don't want other people to catch on to the fact he's actually good. Loving the content regardless <3

  31. Morph is a pretty nice MODOK/Dracula counter, too. If you don't have priority on turn 6, they should only have a big Apocalypse in their hand, guaranteeing you at least 12 power.

  32. Please don t nerf Thanos, nerf the dog! 4 cost or redesign

  33. I’m too scared to use him due too modok

  34. nothing to do with the video, but does the spider-woman and carnage variants from previous pass can still be earned by any way ? (carnaged spider-woman if it can help)

  35. Mogwai speaking portuguese is my new favorite thing.
    Puta que pariu.

  36. Well in fact in the first game he was a chad. Medusa was main decked not from the Hub (infinity border plus you know… Iron Man was from the Hub lol)

  37. Once my enemy played morph last turn when i had only beast in my hand, hi lost that location and the game XD

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