MTG Artist Yoinks Famous MTG Artist's Art | MTG #Shorts -

MTG Artist Yoinks Famous MTG Artist’s Art | MTG #Shorts

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  1. If the character is a MTG asset, this doesn’t hold up has art theft/ copyright infringement or whatever they are claiming. If the original artist used this character at any point for an MTG or Hasbro product, then they may have claimed the rights to it. Does it suck? Yes. Is it most likely legal? Yes.

  2. Both characters in the card art were copied from other sources not just the one shown

  3. They are legally more screwed that this is on a common so it’s in like 1/4 of the packs sold if it was a rarer card you at least didn’t print as many copies of the stolen art.

  4. The card looks so ugly too. It's clear something is off before you know they literally copy & pasted half the artwork in the image

  5. Actually, both the people in that painting are stolen from other paintings. Check out Will Hulsey's painting A Question of Guilt. I already reported this to WotC and Donota Giancola

  6. It's just.. it's just so easy to not steal art. If this being like the 5th time this has happened in the last year isn't an indicator to dial back the release scheuldule, idk what is.

  7. The guy on the left (his head and his arm exactly) is also traced from two different sources. The axes and vests both of them are wearing are copied and pasted. Wouldn't be surprised if the leather jacket is traced too. This one's a fucking disaster.

    Google redacted trouble in pairs reddit for the post with other stolen artwork.

  8. Ugh, why did it have to be Fay Dalton? She's one of my favorite artists for MTG.

  9. I think the fact that the lighting is the same is what does it for me. You can't copyright women with red mohawks and a side profile is just a really simple pose. Add the neon lighting from the same relative direction in the exact same color? Now everything else looks extra fishy.

  10. There are at least 3 other art pieces copied in this art, but it's hilarious the person she stole the majority of the art from

  11. The actual irony in making the art of “caught red handed” before actually catching someone red handed has got to be some of the strongest evidence I’ve seen for the simulation theory

  12. Just because an artist did a piece for you doesn't give you free reign to rip them off. Otherwise you're gonna be paying them a second time.

  13. It's like what, the fifth card with stolen art at least now?

  14. Wweeee guys we can play 10 degrees of cyberpunk now, first it was grimes now it’s mtgs

  15. So all red Mohawks in a cyberpunk aesthetic are copying the artist. Damn one google search you can find 1000’s of similar looks.

  16. Wait so now anytime someone does art with a chick with a red mohawk looking sideways for the rest of eternity they are ripping this dude off lol original artist doesn't own chicks with red mohawks looking sideways.

  17. i will shamelessly steal your art. i do not care 🗿

  18. You're reaching harder than the nintenkids crying about palworld.

  19. Feels more like inspiration that theft. I doubt it would hold up in court

  20. Clown really thinks he invented red haired Mohawk wielding post apocalyptic women.

    Madmax would like a word

  21. Well darn. I guess i cant have a person with a red mohawk

  22. We sure it aint just inspired from OR just a simple coïncidence? Seems fast to jump to this conclusion.

  23. So many people in the comments acting like its just the red mohawk and the guy who got his art stolen is being a baby.

    Okay so for people who dont know: the art also has the same facial structure, exact same pose just flipped, and the lighting on her is the exact same. Its literally just the same image flipped and photoshopped to have very small differences which is still art theft as the artist is trying to make money off of it.

  24. Hold on. They look similar but even if it is a flip and paste it would take a bit of work to make these changes. If that guy has enough free time to play video games, then he isn't painting my Magic cards fast enough. Get back to work, a new set releases every month!

  25. Better yet, why choose CYBERPUNK as a reference for Ravnica?? I swear modern design hates oldschool fantasy

  26. There shouldn't be a new set every 2 months

  27. Seems like the artist is just trying to play the victim for a quick buck

  28. The artist made a post about this on their fb page.

  29. There are fans that do custom work they should hire.

  30. I'm so glad someone is finally putting this stuff on Hasbro, the actual cause for 90% of MTG Drama, instead of WorC

  31. good vid but wtf u mean low profile set mkm cards are all over every format rn xd

  32. i mean, the raptor from march of the machine is ripped straight from jurassic park

  33. I don’t see it. Is it really that unlikely that two artists individually have the idea to paint a figure facing to the side with a red Mohawk? This accusation simply doesn’t hold up.

  34. Well first off the ravenger lady not a elf 😊 other one is elf hair more poofy and here the real kicker here the magic the gathering art is way pretty women other a trans gender athlete 😊

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